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Student Visa June 2019 (PH)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by gwentysomething, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. My review of eligibility started today. I kept on dreaming about this lol I hope the waiting is over and we all get decision before this week ends (positive decision I pray).
  2. When did u apply? SDS or non sds?
  3. June 19th non-SDS regular online. What about you?
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  4. I applied on June 6. Online non-sds. Yet nothing has started. Not even reviewing eligibility.
  5. We almost have the same timeline. Keep us posted. :)
  6. Ur status also same? When did u give ur biometrics? Also, is ur application in Delhi office?
  7. My eligibility review started a week ago, but no new udpate yet as of today. Let's keep each other posted. :)
  8. Oh no. I'm applying from the Philippines. Most of the ones in here are Filipinos actually. But yes, I was able to give my bimetrics already.
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  9. I applied on 27th May too. First acknowledgement letter on 10th June. Second one on 24th June. Medical request on 28th June. What is your present status?
  10. No updates i get after 11 june when my medical or bio. Were passed.. Still waiting
  11. What you mean by medical passed .. cic updated on our gc key account ..??
  12. Hi. My sister is currently an international student in the U.S. and she applied for study permit non SDS from the U.S. on June 18th and no updates since then. She already had biometrics on file as she had a canadian visitor visa. We're so worried now that the visa may be rejected as we forgot to include the tuition payment. She had her father's bank account whose amount exceeds the tuition and the parents just started a new business in home country though. The processing time for applicants from the U.S. is 3 weeks, but it's more than 3 weeks already.
  13. Yes dude exactly.... It shows up as medical passed June 12th
  14. But .. still on my gc Account not any information for medical ..it's shown ..we are processing your application ..if there is an update we will send you a message .. is it important to receive passport request ..medical passes..?

  15. Don't worry that many of ma friends who applied never got any medical cleared update until they received passport request and everything got updated at once
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