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Student Visa June 2019 (PH)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by gwentysomething, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Is there anybody here who applied for a student visa this June? :)
  2. Yes I applied in june
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  3. When did you apply? Did you go for SDS or regular? May I know your current application status? :)
  4. U can join in this forum applied in june
  5. Yes I did
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  6. I applied on June 1st... Waiting for updates
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  7. Hello! I applied through a consultant for SDS application last June 6, 2019. As of wednesday, june 19, I was updated that I passed my medical exam.
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  8. I applied on June 1st and medicals updated on June 12th... In ur case June 6th and medicals June 19th..... 6 days difference.... Let's wait with patience
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  9. I hope it will be soon, was hoping to get a cheaper flight ticket and enough time to render my resignation
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  10. I guess this is the peak time during which many students and tourists travel to Canada..... Flight price will be obviously crazy expensive.... Most concerned about visa...waiting is unbearable :(
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  11. I truly feel that. The agony of waiting, that one email saying if approved or not.
    Lord help us.

  12. Don't worry...Evrything takes time... It's a part and parcel of immigration as a student.... Let's hope for the best outcome :)
  13. Let's hope for the best. Good luck to all of us.
  14. Thanks for sharing, me too! Here is my timelline:

    June 11 - Submitted my online application (regular stream)
    June 13 - Got the biometrics enrollment request
    June 17 - Passed the medical exam
    June 19 - Biometrics Enrollment

    Hoping we all get postive feedback soon! :)
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  15. These are some of my concerns too! Goodluck to us!
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