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Start up Visa - Work Permit Application Refused.

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by SUVApplicant, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone.

    the forum has been super helpful in preparing the application for me.

    I wanted to learn more on how can i address the concerns and re apply for the WP that just got refused today. I have the letter of support from an incubator, all documents were in line with the WP and yet they refused my applciation on grounds of Purpose of visit and financial ties to the country.

    I have had three prior refusals for Visit Visa to canada. However, have been to US, UK, EU many times for holiday's and business.

    What do you guys suggest i should do now?

    PS: I am applying from Pakistan, so Abu Dhabi is my visa office.

  2. Have you been introduced as essential applicant in the letter of support?
    Have you already sent your SUV PR application ?
  3. Will file for the PR application by this week! Yes, i am an essential applicant in the letter of support!

    I turned in every single document required by IRCC for the WP, including LMIA document. The reason they stated was Purpose of Visit, Financial ties and current employment. I own a business, a sales automation platform with revenues of 300K USD per year. I however, do have three TRV refusals in the last one and a half years. I am planning to re-apply, do you have any suggestion for that?
  4. Have your paid employer compliance fee?
    If so, better to re-apply once you received your AOR and include that in a cover letter.
  5. Yes, did pay the compliance fees! Applying with the AOR sounds like a good plan. Do you have any tips for the cover letter?
  6. Nope as cover letter should describe your own circumstances and support your application.

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