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spouse work permit got refused..help me please

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by priyankarl, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Did you get your OWP and just spousal refused, or were they both refused?
  2. Hi, I got the same reason can you please reply whay docs was missing? What was the actual reason?
  3. I applied for sowp on 8/8/2018 but still havent received any update no medical request what can be the reason
  4. Did they mention this as a reason for rejection?
  5. My passport is valid until August 2026 and my husband ‘s until September 2024
  6. I would love if the original poster could follow up. My husband just got a refusal letter 01/17/19 for his WP application which expired 12/05/18. We applied as a family of 5 11/29/18. His was refused today. No word yet on the other four. We live in Canada.We have an active PR paper based application on file.
  7. Hey VishvaRana, Did you get the notes. Its been 2 months and they havent given me the notes yet.
  8. I have applied on 4th January 2019, offline for Sowp. Got rejection today with the following reasons "You have not adequately demonstrated that you meet the requirement of a work permit pursuant to section 205(c)(ii) of the regulation.

    please suggest how to proceed further.
  9. Greetings all.
    I am currently on my PhD (commenced Sept. 2018) in Canada. I applied for SOWP on behalf of my husband on January 24, 2019 but today I got a rejection. Here is the reason:

    You did not provide a valid Labour Market Impact Assessment from the Department of Economic and Social Development Canada and/or demonstrated that you are entitled to apply for an open work permit.

    Please what does this mean? Note that LMIA is not required for our application. I feel really bad; we included every [possible document. Please kindly advise. Thank you
  10. An observation, I may be wrong though;

    Is it only male spouses that are denied SOWP. Someone earlier told me that it is easy for males to obtain SOWP for their spouses, but difficult for women to do same.

    Please the applicant who applied for CAIPs should kindly update up. Thank you.
  11. I have applied for the notes once (after I got study permit refusal), it took a while, about two months. In fact, I could not wait for it any longer so I made a second attempt for study permit (which was successful). I got the caips notes while my second attempt was being processed. You will receive it for sure, be patient.
  12. have you applied online or offline? Please tell me the list of your college documents which you have included in your visa filing? Let me see what can i suggest.
  13. I applied Online.
    Spouse's docs
    1. marriage certificate
    2. employment docs with payslips
    3. bank statement of 5400CAD
    3. wedding pics
    4. Letter of explanation
    5. Passport
    6. Leave of absence letter from employer

    My docs:
    1. letter of enrolment
    2. Proof of funding from school
    3. Letter from my bank
    4. Bank statement showing 6500 CAD
    5. letter from supervisor
    6. letter of invitation
    7. study permit and visa copies

    What else can we include pls?
  14. Include your transcript which you get from college. Please also include joint bank account statement with your spouse. That will make your case stronger. Include Statutory declaration of Common Law Union. You have to get the declaration notarized. You spouse Income Tax Return Proof is also important. Include property Valuation paper, which mill make you case stronger. This time include your chat and call log list with the file.
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  15. Thank you. I think we will also apply for caips note

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