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spouse work permit got refused..help me please

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by priyankarl, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Hello Good Afternoon Everyone,
    i applied for spouse open work permit on 30th may 2018 and i got result on 18 sept 2018......they took around 109 days for result......they refused my application on this ground stating "you have been unable to demonstrate that you meet the requirements of a spousal open work permit under section 205 (c)ii of the Regulations" only this much they said and not specified anything about documents ...and when i read the 205 (c)ii we followed all criteria.
    please help me
  2. Is 205 c ii stands for Intra company transfer ?
  3. Do you actually qualify for an open work permit? What is the status of your spouse in Canada?
  4. i dont meet requirement of IRPA and IRPR AND ALSO 205(C)II
  6. What is your spouses status. If they are a citizen you have to through spousal sponsorship.
  7. I got the same refusal reason for my husband.
    We have asked for detail notes.
    I am on PGWP and we have submitted all the required documents related to my job
  8. Did you provide relationship proof, like marriage cert etc?
  9. Yes,
    wedding certificate
    air tickets to india
    call history, message conversations
  10. Strange, there may be another reason you do not qualify then. I would suggest applying for caips/gcms notes to get the real reason you were refused.
  11. Yes, we have asked for notes
    Its been 25 days, so should come any time

    I am on PGWP
    I have job in NOC category B
    We attached job offer, 3 play slips
    relationship proofs, my work permit, passport, IT Returns
    His educations, job details in India
  12. Have you showed proof of funds ?
  13. Yes, I showed in my CAD account $18000
    My husband showed in Indian account Rs 7,00,000
  14. If I may ask what is the validity for your visa and passport?
    My application got rejected because my husband's visa and passport validity was less than 6 months.
  15. I have PGWP till November 2020
    My husband's passport expiry is 2025

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