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Spouse Not Accompanying being in Canada already

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by prasad999ram, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    Need your quick help please.

    I've been working in Canada for past two years. I'm living with my spouse and children.
    While filing application I excluded my spouse i.e. I marked my spouse as not accompanying so that I get my more CRS points. Finally, I got invitation and submitted application as well where I included my 3 children (but not spouse).

    My intention is to apply for spouse once I get my PR.

    Now, CIC is asking for explanation/reason for not accompanying my spouse in PR application form.

    Kindly let me know what could be best answer to reply to them. This is somewhat urgent please.


  2. The only answer is the truth.

    It is not advised to do what you did. IRCC seems to be cracking down on it and issuing Procedural Fairness letters.
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  3. Thanks for your response. I truly appreciate.

    One more question on this please. I too want to mention the fact (since I was not getting sufficient points, I have exclude my spouse) in response to CIC letter. Do you any idea if they consider this positively or refuse my application itself or it lead to any BAN. Kindly let me know.


  4. I think you have no choice but to respond and provide the real reason why your spouse is listed as non-accompanying (because you weren't getting sufficient points). It's very hard for any of us to say what will happen. Recently we have been seeing that IRCC is not accepting these situations and is often either refusing the application or ocassionally refusing and also issuing a 5 year misrepresentation ban. I'm not sure there's much more you can do but respond honestly and hope for the best.
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