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Spouse exclusion after passport request letter

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Singh_88, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I need help regarding my spouse case. I had applied for PR under express entry as single; however, I got married after acquiring my COPR and notified CIC of my change in marital status. Unfortunately, a month back I found out my husband is cheating on me and plans to divorce me once we reach Canada. I found out through some recordings and chat. Now I wish to divorce him but no legal proceedings has started yet. It's just the families talking right now. Yesterday I got passport request but since this marriage is "over" how do I proceed from here?
    If I inform CIC of the separation, I have no legal document in hand to support it. :(
    Please help!!
  2. Just change him to non-accompanying. You don't need to provide any documentation as to why you are doing so.
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  3. And give personal reasons as an explanation?
  4. You don't need to give an explanation. Just request the change.
  5. Okay. Thank you!
    Is there any way I can get him blacklisted later for I feel used as an easy ticket to Canada? :(
  6. Honestly if you have documented proof that he's using your marriage just to get a PR and you can also prove that you were not part of his plan and also are the cheated party here. I would suggest just let him get his PPR with you. Let him land and actually go through with his plan before reporting it to IRCC as fraud with all proof claiming you found out after landing in Canada.

  7. I don't have concrete proofs. There are just some recordings which has no validation in courts.
  8. No, you can't blacklist him.
  9. ??

    What you are proposing is not guaranteed to result in the revocation of his PR status no matter how much proof she has. It is also a waste of IRCC resources and taxpayer money to have to complete an investigation and potentially revoke his status and deport him.

    It is better by far to just change him to non-accompanying and prevent him from getting PR.
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  10. Changing him to non-accompanying will mean that he can't get a PR based on your status. If he wants to come as a PR, he'll have to qualify on his own.

    So, you will not be helping him in any way.
  11. Okay. Thank you
    I didn't know I could still change him to non accompanying at this stage when I have passport request letter.
  12. A friend called at IRCC client support centre within Canada and this is what they suggested:

    If you would like to remove an accompanying family member from your application, you may send a signed letter, including:

    • Your Client ID, and
    • The reason for the change.
    We invite you to send your request through the IRCC webform available on our website. Please attach your signed letter in the field reserved to that effect.
  13. Yes, but you don't need to tell them everything about your marriage. You can simply state that you're changing him to non-accompanying for personal reasons. They will accept that since they don't really care about people who will NOT be coming to Canada.

    Additionally, as the Principal Applicant, you have the right to decide which of your dependents will be non-accompanying.
  14. S
    So I am simply mailing CIC that mu husband cannot accompany me due to personal reasons. Kindly update my profile. Would this be sufficient?
  15. Or should I Mail sayong i hav reasons to believe that he got married to me for getting Canadian PR therefore i would like withdraw my sponsorship. Please guide me on the procedure and next steps...

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