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Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2017 timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mcrystald, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Hi I'm sorry to hear that but I thought application takes atleast 2 months to be returned?
  2. Hi, My wife is 4 month pregnant and doesn't have OHIP. Can you please provide more information. Thanks a lot!!
  3. Hi Guys,

    I think my situation is different here. Need your help and information.

    I did my landing at Etobicoke IRCC office on Jan 8th, 2018. My wife is here with me in Canada and applied Spousal sponsorship without OWP on Jan 10th, 2018. Her visitor visa will expire on Jan 26th, 2018. She is 4 month pregnant now.

    My questions are below:
    1) What status she will hold in Canada after Jan 26, 2018?
    2) Do I need to apply for any VISA (Visitor/ Open Work Permit) to gain the Visitor status?
    3) Will she get OHIP coverage ( I heard she will not get it)? but just to confirm.
    4) Is there any better way of medical services if we dont have OHIP?

    Please do the needful and Thanks a lot in advance!!
  4. 1. She will have no status in Canada
    2. I don’t know why you didn’t apply for OWP it would at least keep her status. Or apply for a visitor extension. OWP would keep her in status though.
    3. No she will not qualify
    4. I suggest using midwives to keep costs down.
  5. I just received my AOR !

    Apllication received by cic 29th November
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  6. Seriously?! Congrats! Thats realy great news! I thought they are still in the middle of November!
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  7. Yes really.

    We are very lucky, I thought we could not receive it before end January ...

    I hope you guys will have yours very soon
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  8. Hopefully! I am Dec 11th applicant. Fingers crossed!!
  9. So happy today as i received my AOR and able to link PR application and OWP with no problems.

    Here is my timeline:
    Application Sent: November 23, 2017
    Application Received: November 27, 2017
    AOR Received: January 12, 2018
    Schedule A and PCC sent: January 12, 2018

    Quick question, for applicants working in the health care field, how did you go about your OWP without restrictions?
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  10. I just read your comment and I was wondering if you will be doing an upfront medical soon for your OWP? And are you in Vancouver area if you dont mind me asking
  11. you can send your medical via web form the other option is to wait for OWP and then bring your medical to the border and they will print you a new one. probably easier to submit it via web form
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  12. Yes, I am in Vancouver area and I am going to submit it via webform. That was what the guy from CIC told me to do. Because my application was received in Oct, he told me to be fast because they are already processing applications from that time. Hope I helped :)
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  13. Good Morning :) We are almost there ;) It’s a nerve racking process, especially while not working. I wouldn’t worry about what the online says. I’ve heard many applicants say their status just went to updated then approved without ever seeing the reviewing your eligibility part ;)
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  14. Thank you so much for your help! I guess I have to do an upfront medical exam soon. And i dont even know which panel physician does it without any request letter. Where are you planning to do your medical exam? I am from Vancouver as well. I might have to do it next week
  15. Hi!
    Mine also says received Oct,5th. I only managed to link my SOWP to online account today (the PR application was linked in December). Also says the same thing as yours..
    Hope it won’t take much longer..
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