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Spousal application transferred to Etobicoke

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Possible1982, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. So do we wait for a officer to pick up file and then contact us
  2. I am told that Etobicoke office is the most busiest office as far as sponsorship applications are concerned. They don't follow any timelines
  3. You must order your GCSM notes it would tell you everything about your application and why it has been transferred to Etobicoke so that you would be in a position to prepared when they finally contact you.
  4. I know of someone who’s application was sent there in may 2018 and Landed September
  5. Guys anybody who has heard from etobikoke??? Am so frustrated i want to cry so muchhhh.my daughter is admited and it seems am not covered anmore they made me sign to pay 289 per day.my lawyer doesnt seem to think thers a proplem.!!! to order for notes.its 3 months now !!! Am so
  6. No information is so frustrating
  7. So far I guess people who were requested to submit the additional paperwork in May are Getting interview appointments !
    This wait is insane :(
  8. We were requested for additional infomation before they transfered our app.i think it was in April.maybe we will hear from them soon.
  9. Mine got first transferred to Vancouver in June then to Etobicoke in August !
    I don’t know what it is likely to be happening next!
    How long they gonna take more
  10. Still waiting.its killing me.
  11. Same here
    No updates !
  12. Same here it’s been three months and nothing am just here waiting praying all goes well
  13. Me too 3 months total silence.
  14. I got DM on October 22nd and the agent told me that my application is approved.

    Still waiting for PPR:/

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