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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ashuindian, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Unfortunately not even 6
  3. It's not the average. All should be at least 6
  4. CLB 6
    Just coz of that reading its only CLB 6

  5. Okay..i already submitted Express Of Interest (SINP) on JUNE 3 and i used CLB 6 to calculate which gave total points of 62..I hope this will suffice with no future hindrance,kindly advice.
  6. Guys, it has taken some time since the last draw - June 20. Almost a month now, still no draw. I am guessing the cutoff score will be high in the coming draw. But I am in no hurry as I still do not have POF.
    Correct me if I am wrong but for POF, at the moment that I do not have ITA, all I need is at least a little over a month for the funds to be in my bank account, then when upon ITA award I have 2 month to submit application, then that would make it 3 months for the money to mature. So POF requirement will be okay.
    I am in EE subcategory, so if I am fortunate to be nominated by Sask, POF requirement will not be a problem as well in the EE Federal Draw since they require 6 months lead time for application there and POF needs to be in the bank 6 months. By that time, the funds in my account will be mature enough.
  7. Hello all, I got a letter of request from SINP for my BSC evaluation, I evaluated my highest degree which is Masters BA. I was given 10 days to submit. Every other document have been accepted except this. I have waited 6months. How can I appeal for more time to evaluate my BSC? pls help, i have 9 more days left to respond.
  8. Is your Masters a different course to BSc? if yes, you can email Saskatchewan for extension
  9. To update, last draw July 24th, cutoff is at 74 points which is 6 points higher than June 20th. This is understandable because of the interval which is over a month. Now it is August 14th, about 20th day from last draw. I hope it does not go over a month again til next draw. as my score is 65.
  10. Should I send a mail or ask for extension in my LOE? or should I do both?
  11. Yes. Explain the process and how long it may take for WES to receive transcript plus the back and forth verification it may require from your country
  12. Yes mine is 64 too fingers crossed
  13. Hi,I am unable to calculate my experience point could you please. help.

    Comp A - 09/11 to 03/13
    Comp - Jun/13 to app/14
    comp Sep 14 to Feb 16
    Comp D June 16 to June 19
  14. SINP is cheating us, they are artificially keeping score high, in EE category they just selected 45 people. Last year in August they selected 450+. This way scores wont come down and also sometimes they are doing sector specific draws.. :(
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  15. Now SINP draws are very high cut off points,

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