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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ashuindian, Dec 17, 2017.

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    Oasis form completion is the most important and delicate part of the immigration process. If there is a mistake, the whole application comes back after a long time. Waste of both time and money. Some people make that last chance. This thread is being created to avoid this. This process is especially for OID sub category but very useful for SINP EE as well (about 80-90%)
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    First of all, Complete the Section "Birthdate and Address"

    IT WOULD ALWAYS BE GOOD TO COMPRESS THE PDF DOCUMENTS. The memory will also cover less and the Application will be completed soon.

    For successful Application Submission, always move step by step. Never try to Jump.
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    Then open the Section "Pre-Application and Applicant Details" and complete it.
    Step 1 :- Job Offer/Employment (2 options)
    Choose NO
    Must Save (Click upper Right corner to Save )
    Step 2 :- Points Grid
    Fill it as per your situation (6 spaces)
    Step 3 :-
    Current Residency and Settlement Destination (4 options)
    Fill it about own circumstances
    Step 4 :-
    Applicant Details (9 options to choose appropriate)
    In the Box Schedule 4 Funds (Settlement Fund), to fill converted amount in CAD.
    Step 5 :-
    Ethical Conduct [choose option (No Representative or as per circumstances)]
    Upload Ethical Conduct Form Here
    Step 6:-
    Application Disclosure Form
    Only Choose "Yes " At the Bottom
    Step 7 :-
    Citizenship (choose your Country of Residence)
    Step 8 :-
    Birth Document (Write the Name as per Birth Certificate only at the appropriate place)
    Upload only Main Applicant's Birth Cert. here
    Step 9 :-
    Passport (To Fill Country , Passport No. and Date of Expiry of Main Applicant passport)
    Upload here only Main applicant Passport. Appropriate place "File " on the right side Bottom line
    Step 10 :-
    Marital Status (4 Places to fill/opt)
    Upload Marriage certificate (if applicable) in the FILE
    Step 11 :-
    Education Section (Choose Yes for Do you have any Post Sec. Education, , and second time "YES" and Choose Enter/Change Education. [Must follow as it is] )
    Upload Main Applicant All Education documents here in the place given. To fill details in the screen and Upload Transcript and Degree/Certificate for Each course. Use Each screen for each Post secondary course. To mention more courses click "Add Another Education Screen" and repeat the process. After completion for all Education records, Click "Go back to main Applicant Sections"
    Step 12 :- Work Experience Section [Choose Yes, and Repeat the Process as Education Screen]
    Step 13 :-
    English /French Ability (Fill 7 options/places)
    Upload here in FILE section "The Result"
    Step 14 :-
    Final Page of Applicant Details (Choose NO and NO)

    P.S. - Step 11 and 12 are different type, fill carefully. You can't open them for correction.
    This is half your application.
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    Second Section "Application Details"
    Step 1 :- Leave it Blank
    Step 2:- Settlement Fund (Fill all necessary information )
    Upload all Settlement fund proof docs along with Bank Manager's Letter about the fund holding (Very useful).
    Also Upload Settlement plan here.
    Step 3:-
    Connection to Saskatchewan (Choose Yes or NO)
    If yes, then Fill appropriate information. And Upload all related docs for proof in file section.
    Step 4 :-
    Relative Currently Residing in Canada
    If applicable, mention all necessary information.
    Step 5 :- Family Member (Spouse, to fill all related information in the questionnaire )
    Open the Sub-window (Very carefully, as per Section 11 and 12 of previous section) upload all documents step wise questionnaire and complete it. like Passport, Marriage Cert. , Education Docs. Birth Cert, IMM 5406 Add. Family Information form, Schedule A- Background Declaration Form etc.
    You can't open it again for correction, after closing it. be careful
    Step 6 :- Family Member , First Dependent Child
    Complete it like Spouse section, upload all necessary docs of the kid. Passport , Birth cert. Education ,
    Step 7 :- Family Member , Second Dependent Child
    As per first one
    Step 8 :- IMM 0008 Generic Form (Choose Yes, and Form Name)
    Upload Form to FILE section
    Step 9 :-
    IMM 5562 Supplementary Information - Your Travels (Check the all boxes only to complete this form, if you haven't traveled abroad)
    Write down Name of form and Choose Yes, then Upload to in File section.
    Step 10 :-
    IMM 5406 Add. Family Information form (Name of Form and Choose Yes)
    Upload Main Applicant IMM 5406 completed Form
    Step 11 :-
    Schedule A- Background Declaration Form (Name of form and choose YES)
    Upload to File section Schedule A completed form of Main Applicant.
    Step 12 :- Schedule 4 - Economic Classes - Provincial Nominee (Name of Form and choose Yes)
    Upload the Form to File section.
    Step 13 :- Translator Affidavit (Form Name and Yes) [If applicable only)
    Upload to in File section.
  5. any chance this week its open?...
  6. May be.
    In addition, the Official time to open the intake is January first week.
  7. Do we upload a different IMM 008 for every member of the family? and add it to their section of personal details? or do we just have 1 application at the end for all family members?
  8. can someone send me the link of the travel history form please
  9. Hello,
    Can you tell me on what basis they sort out applicants, I mean on base of IELTS score or something else ?
  10. Just one.
    There is section for Spouse, and option to add kids details. (Add Family Member)
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  11. Only the basis of complete Application, Education matching to Intended occupation and Job experience, POF, Reference Letters.
    Only 60-70% people fill out the complete application.
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    Required documents for OID https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/applicants-international-skilled-workers/international-skilled-worker-occupations-in-demand/required-documents-for-isws-in-occupations-in-demand
    Link for OID https://www.saskatchewan.ca/residents/moving-to-saskatchewan/immigrating-to-saskatchewan/saskatchewan-immigrant-nominee-program/applicants-international-skilled-workers/international-skilled-worker-occupations-in-demand

    P.S. - Most forms do not open in Google Chrome. Always use different operating system.
    Education details and Work Experience details in Oasis Application should be in accordance with the IMM5669 Background Decl form.
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  13. i want to know some process after nomination. they send me documents checklist. as my ielts result expire 8th january 2018,should i sit in exam and get the result then send the docs to cio? please advice
  14. No. If your application is reached before IELTS expiry then every thing is all right
  15. thanks. there is no mention in the checklist about bank statement . is it necessary to attach the bank statement with schedule4 economic form? what amount will write? previous amount which mention in oasis application or adjust with present dollar rate? long query..... any thread in which i get proper help off sending docs to CIO?

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