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SINP :- International Skilled Worker - Express Entry Sub-Category, Network Here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sanjeev31aug, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. I stand at 70 with CLB 8 for NOC 2174. Submitted EOI in May last week. By seeing the cutoff, i am little hopeful.
    Will be initiating ISP certification process for Education plus Exp route this week.
    Background - BCA + MCA.

    Though have doubt that if cutoff goes 68 , so does that mean whoever has score more than 68 in demand occupation list, everyone would get NOI?
    Also, it is wise to apply for license without getting NOI or shall i just file license?
  2. My Brother just got his nomination this afternoon. The miracle is this.
    Fund was just 1 month plus in the account-We were more than 99% sure they were going to reject us based on analysis on the forum as per maintaining fund for 3 months. This can only be God......... My God is able.
    Made an error in the Job seeker code and Express entry profile at the onset of the application
    ITA November 28, 2018
    AR= Jan 17th 2019
    In process= March 18th, 2019
    ADR= May 1st 2019
    Invoice Tab Disappeared = May 3rd
    ADR submitted =May 6th 2019
    Invoice Tab reappeared= June 3rd
    No fund conversion
    Nomination =TODAY June 19TH 2019, The day the lord has made.
  3. Congratulations!!!! We shall testify
  4. Congratulations.
    Please, when is Saskatchewan draw for July?
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  5. Hi
    i just created my eoi and got 65 points on noc 4215 , how much chance I've got to receive ITA ?
  6. Dear All

    Any idea about next draw details?
  7. 100%
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    any idea when is the next draw and what will be the points for SINP , i hope it drops
  9. Congra
    Congrats...I am happy for you...please what do I find the invoice tab and what does its appearing and disappearing me..thank you..i also applied on 26th June and awaiting nomination
  11. I pray it is from 60 and above. It is almost 23 days now that the last draw was released. I'm hoping today. Fingers crossed.
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  13. P
    Please, if one is claiming 15 points for work experience, must it all be in the occupation in demand for express entry candidates?
  14. July 20?
  15. Hey can anyone tell me can we use Gift Deed from my parents for proof of fund that is 15-20 days old before applying in SNIP. Has anyone done that or experienced that. It would be really helpful.

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