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SINP :- International Skilled Worker - Express Entry Sub-Category, Network Here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sanjeev31aug, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. The Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category is for skilled workers who want to work and live in Saskatchewan. This category enables the SINP to nominate individuals that are in Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Express Entry pool and who have the education, skilled work experience, language ability and other factors to help them to successfully establish and integrate into Saskatchewan's labour market and communities.

    The SINP is now accepting applications to the Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category.

    See this link for more information:- http://www.economy.gov.sk.ca/immigration/express-entry​

    Login here to create your online application.:- https://immigration.saskatchewan.ca

    To Make your Entry:- https://goo.gl/3z14qq
    To See Applicants list :- https://goo.gl/ZRcX4G

    Lets Network here and share our experience, queries, issues etc.

    SINP EE WhatsApp application tracking group created! Message me or user "Carmageddon" with your phone numbers!
    *Only those who completed their applications please...
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  2. Hurry Up guys, intake started now
  3. what is the point system?
    work experience is very confusing. I have 3 years exp what are my points?

    5 years 10
    4 years 8
    3 years 6
    2 years 4
    1 year 2
  5. Internships count?
  6. I guess NO..
  7. I have to wait for tomorrow morning to get print out, scan and upload my Docs..

    Can't wait, this could be my last change, GOD help me and all the applicants. Good luck friends.
  8. what about bank stement guys? estatement would work or not?
  9. Should work, but better get Balance certificate from Bank..
  10. it will take time. its evening here cant wait for tommorow.
  11. Hello Guys
    I want to apply under the category NOC 2011 1111 Financial Accountant.
    As per the immigration representatives, I need to have a license before i apply under this category since it is a regulated occupation. For that I need to be a CPA.
    I am a graduate in Accounting, having 5+ years of experience.
    So does that mean i am not eligible for this occupation ?
    Please advise.

  12. Hi. Members...plz help...in EE profile I mentioned some other NOC . .o.which has similar rather almost same job duties which ...in Sinp EE sub category has but under different noc... so my question is can I apply for sino ee sub category... While not changing my EE primary NOC ..
  13. You are not eligible, you need to have your license before applying SINP
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  14. A simple balance from your bank is needed, but you need to translate it to English.
    The balance MUST show that your money is in your account or wife account
    from at least March 2015 until today.
  15. I have only one question. WHere do we attach Language Test Result? I didn't find any place to upload it. Plz Help

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