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SINP Confirmation Job Approval letter from a Saskatchewan Employer

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by KYLEROAPRO, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Yes I'll write the mail to SINP.

    I'm not seeing any reason for delay (in months) in Job approval Letter. When your Company given all detail (Company Name,License No and GST etc.) then there is no reason for delay.... You can verify this information within 2-3 days. Even New Company Registration takes maximum 1 week.
  2. Hi Frndz,

    Any Update regarding Job Approval Letter...??

    It's over two month but not hearing anything from SINP Employer Unit.

    Any News regarding this..??

  3. Anyone who got Job Approval Letter From SINP Employer Unit...??

    Please update....
  4. there is absolutely no question arise about any of the community. SINP is just following the strategies those already adapted by the BC. they do not have any prejudice to any one but they are just making a deep study so that the labour market does not collapsed and they also wish to make it sure that there wont be any problem related to labour dispute just because of high volume of foreign labour in put in the small economy like SK. they themselves have mentioned the high volume of the application that is about 450-900% increase in total compare tho the couple of previous years. this figures can be verified on the SINP website itself. I am just making it clear that SINP are doing the business that is quite far from our sight. Federal is also to change the Point based system in near future it is certainly an indication that canada, overall, evaluating its labour market and want to make it consistent with the future demmand and supply. Hope this is quite clear and yes certainly no hard feelings please...
  5. Today my Manager told me that he have got Username and Password for Employer Application
    to post the job on SINP employer site.

    Now the day is not so far when I'll got Employer Job Approval Letter. Inshallah

    Thanks to Allah!
  6. My employer received the job approval form and handed me a copy of it yesterday. Since I spoke to my employer after their registration, it took 2 weeks for them to receive the job approval form for my position
  7. Hi peachie! Just wanna ask, is "job approval form" the same as "SINP Confirmation of Job Approval"? or just a proof that you can send with the SINP application that an employer has applied for one? Thank you in advance for your reply...
  8. Hi Ynoweh,

    The letter states

    "Dear Employer xxx,
    RE: SINP
    JOb Approval Form

    We are pleased to inform you that your Job Approval Form under the SINP for 1 xxx (position) has been approved.

    Once you have issued the potential worker a job offer letter, please be adised that the applicant is required to include a copy of the job offer letter and a copy of this letter in their SINP application.

    Thank you for your interest in the SINP program.
    The checklist under the student category says:

    SINP Job Approval form from a Saskatchewan Employer (Copy)
  9. Hi peachie! Thanks for the reference. Congrats you got it in 2 wks. Dearie, did your employer receive the username and password at hand after registering. My hubby's employer has not received those yet since she registered with the SINP Employer Site about 3 wks ago :(

  10. Yes, registration is the 1st step, then the waiting. Afterwards, when they get their access, they can upload all their job offers
  11. Thanks, peachie! My hubby emailed the SINP and he was told that the entire process usually takes 4-6 mos, that includes the username/password and SINP Confirmation of Job Approval..
  12. Hi All,
    My employer got registered with SINP and he has applied for the approval of positions some 3 weeks back.But there is no response from SINP guys.

    Will it be a good idea, if I email SINP employer unit and ask them for the status of my job approval form ? or should I ask my employer to email them?? I tried calling the employer unit but there was absolutely no response.

    Please......please suggest.......
  13. Hi,

    Can anybody tell me LMO(Labour Market Opinion) is necessary for Canidaian Employer to approve the Job
    from SINP Employer Unit??
  14. ynoweh..... Did SINP tell your hubby 4-6 weeks only for job approval? Is that 4-6 weeks or mos?

  15. Hi! Sorry, it's "4-6 WEEKS".

    His employer told us that she was already given username and password and already applied for job approval online. My hubby will qualify later part of Oct. (6 mos. of existing work permit) so we are praying that the job approval will be issued prior to that. Thanks!


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