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Settling in Quebec, although not Province Nominee?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mattjp1, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. I landed in Ontario, got my SIN in Ontario, but did not get a health card. I went back to the US for a few months. Then moved to Quebec to start a new job. You'll need atleast the following documents for a health card:
    - Passport
    - PR card or COPR ( I did not have my PR card, so showed my COPR)
    - Proof of address, usually a rental lease known as 'bail' in French. You maybe able to substitute with an employment letter.
    - Letter from employer if you have a job.
    - ... there maybe more. Do your research.

    Some questions that I remember that the agent asked me at the RAMQ:
    - Do you have a US green card? (Apparently the US has some kind of health /social security agreement with Canada/Quebec)
    - Is your spouse here with you? (No)
    - Did you apply for a health insurance card in Ontario? (No)
    - Do you have any supplementary health insurance? (Yes, my employer provides dental + additional health care for medicines, etc)

    Other details:
    - They don't issue you the health card until 3 months. But you don't need to wait 3 months to visit the RAMQ, you can go soon after landing and securing a rental lease.
    - Apparently in most government offices in Quebec employees are encouraged (perhaps required?) to speak in French. The agent spoke to me completely in French. Shouldn't be a problem for you.
    - Bring some cash/credit card. There's a small fee for getting your photo taken.

    - I moved to Quebec in October, but still haven't received my health card. The agent said something about sending it out in January, it being a new year (I couldn't exactly understand all the details since my french is still beginner-ish). I'll confirm on this thread when I actually do get the health card. So take my experience with a pinch of salt. :) :).
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  2. Sorry, missed your question. Your PR card is sent to the address where you gave when landing. In my case it was Ontario. Also, my PR card photo was rejected after a 2 month wait. I still kept my address as Ontario even though I was planning to move to Quebec after a while.

    I am not 100% sure, but I agree, that you should keep your PR card address as Ontario.
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  3. Thanks a lot - most important for me is that moving to Quebec is OK for people who got the PR through another stream that Quebec sponsorship. Appreciate you giving details of the situation, it helps me understand the whole process.
  4. I may be in a very similar situation, with the difference that I don't speak French, other than a few basic things. Actually, I think my situation will be very similar to deadbird's as I may have to move to the US for a few months before going back to Canada. Good to know that you didn't face any particular issue for moving to Quebec. Not sure yet if I may really move to Quebec, but it's good to know that the option is available.
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    Sous la rubrique Liberté de circulation et d'établissement, l'article se lit comme suit :

    « 6.(1) Tout citoyen canadien a le droit de demeurer au Canada, d'y entrer ou d'en sortir.

    (2) Tout citoyen canadien et toute personne ayant le statut de résident permanent au Canada ont le droit :

    a) de se déplacer dans tout le pays et d'établir leur résidence dans toute province;
    b) de gagner leur vie dans toute province.

    The above is from Article 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the supreme legal document of the land. (Read specifically part two)

    Link to the Section 6 of the Charter:

    A relavent note:

    Practically speaking, part one of Section 6 of the Charter which gives the right to enter, leave, and remain in Canada applies not only to citizens but to Permanent Residents also.

    However, Permanent Residents get the right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada not through the Canadian Charter but through the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

    Thus, for all intents and purposes (both practical and legal) PR's have the same mobility rights as citizens.
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  6. Thanks for clarifying!
  7. T

    Takes 3 months to get a health card in Quebec. That is normal.
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  8. Hi everyone. I have my CSQ. Just want to know if I'm allowed to move to Alberta after my first landing in montreal? Will that be a good idea? I'm just bit worried that I cant catch up with french language and also jobs. Please help.
  9. Land in Toronto and move to Montreal by VIARAIL. Check luggage options. I moved to Montreal too by the same process last month. I landed in Toronto and stayed there for 4 days and came to Montreal. No issues at all. For health insurance, free services its written on the website that they need COPR/PR, Passport and lease agreement (for RAMQ).
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  10. Confirming that I received my health insurance card. Vive le Québec !
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  11. Thanks for sharing, appreciate!
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  12. Hey guys,

    so a friend of mine is already residing in quebec for 2 years and just 2 months ago.. got his pr through EE as his company was based out of Ontario. He was already under RAMQ health plan as he was on work permit before. Now when he got his PR status and his health card is expired, RAMQ is asking for CSQ to renew. is there any work around or any way to convince RAMQ?

    any help is appreciated.

  13. Hi Vishal.

    You ("my friend") have an interesting case. I would tread carefully. If you applied through a non-Quebec program then your intention must have been to live outside of Quebec. But if you were already living in Quebec and you never moved from there, it makes your intention to live outside of Quebec hard to prove.

    The Canadian charter guarantees freedom of movement to any province after you become a PR. But usually the folks who take advantage of this hack were (1) Living in a different country (2) Lived in a non-Quebec province before becoming a PR.

    For e.g. in my case, I did my landing in Ontario and I was living in the US. I did not have any intention of settling in Quebec when I did my landing. It only so happened that I found a job in Quebec and moved there later on.

    Best case:
    - You manage to convince them that you really meant to move to Ontario (don't know how) and they accept your COPR as proof of immigration status.

    Worst case:
    - They file a complaint that your immigration application was fraudulent and you get your PR status revoked.

    Clearly the worst case is pretty bad. It depends on whether RAMQ will report you to CIC and whether they can legislate on "intention to reside in Quebec". My opinion would be to consult a lawyer ASAP and prevent further trouble for yourself.

    Also: not being on health insurance is very risky! What would happen if you fell down the stairs tomorrow and cracked open your head?
  14. If anyone has moved to Montreal and is a different PNP candidate, can he settle there? will he be able to use the Health card?
  15. Does it takes 3 months to get the health card there? Can anyone shed some light? Is any other province candidate is not covered from day 1 of landing, my spouse is carrying and we are expecting in few weeks, if i move now, will it be a issue with regards to Health card,

    Please comment.

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