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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lchaleleng, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Hi guys,
    Does Anyone have an idea how long outland applications take before receiving an AOR?
  2. It all depends. It was taking 3-4 months, however I have heard it’s speeding up. I would call if you are over the 3 months and see what’s going on. Check ecas if you can and if not call to see what the hold up is.
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  3. Well the email came this morning so three days between dm on ecas and email
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  4. I called and someone said they will just forward an email to the IRCC to follow up on my application. I cannot access anything on ecas, simply says file not found.
  5. I was on the same boat, I was even worse because we called and they said they can't find the file. They said to give them a week, so make sure you call by Wednesday next week asking for an update and they should have a reply on that. Hopefully positive that your file is found and will be checked.

    Good luck!
  6. Thank you.
  7. Received SA today! We received our AOR1 on December 31.

    I still am not able to link my account using GCKey. Anyone else having issues with this? Does the PA have to get info first in order for this to happen?

    Also confused about biometrics. We sent the application in september but never paid the fees for biometrics. Is it better to pay now and have them done before we are asked for them? if so how do i send them in?
  8. Not yet!

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  9. My question is about PCC which I was advised to submit when I received AOR1. My wife (sponsor) and I are currently living in Pakistan. I have lived in multiple cities after turning 18 and I mentioned all the addresses in the application. Now am I supposed to get PCC for all my addresses or just the one for the latest address will suffice?
  10. We had to submit PCC for every country my husband had lived for longer than 6 months since he was 18.
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  11. Thanks. In my case I have been in the same country but different cities. Any information?
  12. One police certificate per country you have lived in, not per city. :) Just make sure you submit both an original PCC and a notarized translation (English or French).
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  13. May I ask you What are the nationalities of sponsor and applicant?
    And do you need biometric ?
  14. App received Sept 04
    AOR1 Dec 17
    Biometrics request Jan 11
    DM for the Sponsor on ecas Jan 12
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  15. Congrats!
    Almost the same time line, just to update, after two days I received SA letter and medical request...

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