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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lchaleleng, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm creating this thread for Outland Spousal Sponsorship for September 2018 Applicants!

    Good luck to everyone!
  2. I've mailed my application yesterday and should arrive in NS by September 11. Hoping that the move to NS from Missasagua doesnt slow the process!
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  3. Hello,
    I submiteded application for my wife ( she is in India). They received my application on October 10th 2017.
    I got my file number on November 29th 2017.
    They sent our file to Delhi on 17th January and did medical exam and police clearance on same month.
    I just received pre-arrival letter on 22nd August 2018.
    Generally every one getting their passport request with in 10 month time frame.
    Can any one tell me how long is taking to get passport request.

    Thank you
  4. We are planning to mail our application soon. We have all the paperwork done, copies made, and just need to double-check everything, so hopefully this weekend!
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  5. Hey everyone,
    We mailed our package today. Should arrive the 14th Fedex said. Outland application to Nova Scotia.
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  6. We mailed ours sept 5th. Still waiting to hear anything
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  7. Hi everyone,
    We've mailed our application 29th august and they received 4th september.
    I'm principal applicant and my wife is canadian citizen, both living in Brazil.

    Good lucky for all members.
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  8. September 14th it has arrived to Nova Scotia.

    Living in the USA, wife is American.
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  9. Hi Friends,is there anyone had submitted application since June/2018 and HAVE NOT get AOR yet?????
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  10. U should contact them that's a bit too long ! I submitted in June and got AOR in 3 weeks
  11. Did you send your application to Mississauga or Sydney?
  12. Hi, I submitted mid May 2018 and still have not received any news.
  13. Have you called and checked with them?
  14. Anything we can do between now and AOR1? Just sit and wait patiently to hope they got it all?

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