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SENIORS NEED HELP... Forget to meniton, earlier applied for CANADA TRV in 2010

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Satpal, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Hi Seniors and Bryanna,


    Unfortunately I forget to mention "that i have applied earlier in 2010 for Canada TRV, as i was not sure about an agent, did he submitted my application or not

    Now, After getting my UCI number in application today. I realize this UCI series is OLD one ( with 8 digits ) rather than 10 digits nowadays for fresh application to CIC.

    It seems they retrieve my OLD application's UCI from 2010

    NOW should i wait raise CSE in web form and update "FORGET TO MENTION" ???
    Should i WITHDRAW an application ?? and submit a new application

    Thanks in advance
  2. Don't withdraw the application. Send the amended TRV application through a CSE + email to the Vienna visa office. You can explain it was genuine oversight
  3. Thanks a lot Bryanna,

    do you mean amended TRV application as "Newly filled IMM5257 form for TRV ?? Should i need to validate and attach ??

    Should i write LOE and attach with an email to VIENNA VO and as well as in CSE..?

    LOE should be signed and scanned OR online word file will be ok ??

    any pointers for the LOE will be appreciated...

    MOST IMPORTANT - As i am not aware either it was refused or approved my past application, So what should i mention in CSE and VO email ??

    Thanks a ton....

    Please reply soon...
  4. Do send a new TRV application form that correctly states 'Yes' you had previously applied to enter Canada (Background information section) + in the space available explain that you don't know the outcome of that application because your agent did not inform you correctly + give your passport details for that visa application, where you had applied from, a guess date/exact date when your agent had applied + attach the image of the *visa* which your agent claimed was issued but do mention it was torn off from your passport by the agent later
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  5. Thanks again Bryanna,
    I will send a new TRV form

    It was 8 years ago

    Only i recollect was

    Application was filed at VFS MUMBAI, don't remember the VO may be either NEW DELHI or BANGALORE in 2010

    Don't know exact dates only i know was around end of year between NOV 2010 to JAN 2011 ( so what should i mention now ) ?

    IMPORTANT - That agent never gave me VISA COPY unfortunately i don't have it

    I somehow remember he refused to give and that time i was so keen to go Canada so i agreed to him

    Later he disappeared ...

    I am sure that visa was fake just to collect money from me, coz that's the reason he remove the label

    Please help me to how to handle this situation...

    That's the reason i didn't mentioned in application, till yet i was thinking he never applied my VISA

    I don't even know what documents he had submitted during that time in VFS

    May be 100% it was refused and later he collected passport personally from VFS MUMBAI and stick the label by himself to show me as approved ( As per my assumptions )

    Please help.... THANKS
  6. If it was eight years ago, you can assume the VO was New Delhi or even CHD. The Bangalore visa office was opened recently in the last 4-5 years.

    Mention a guess date + this November 2010-January 2011

    Don't forget to mention your passport details for that application. You can even mention that you have no idea if your visa was approved/refused
  7. Thanks Bryanna,

    Last Question -

    Do i upload LOE in word or to take print out then sign and scan / attach ??

    what will be heading / subject of LOE ??

    Which option i select in CSE form as below for 2 CSE questions ?

    There are 2 options in CSE

    Q.1..TYPE of Enquiry as - Temp Resi Applied online OR other option - Replacements /Amendments to documents & verification of status documents ?


    Temp Residence Applied online - VISA
    Temp Residence Applied online - VISITOR RECORD ???

    Which one should i select for the above 2 questions ?

    MANY THANKS Bro....
  8. You must explain the mistake in the space available but upload the amended TRV form, not the LOE

    In the space: Request to consider the amended TRV application form.


    Not everyone on this forum is a brother :p
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  9. Hi and thanks again,

    Helping on this forum in this critical situation.. quite appreciating :) OR else no one cares...

    Saying bro was an respectful gesture from our punjabis...lol:)

    ok well, YOU didn't answer my previous 2 quesitons -

    There are 2 options in CSE

    Q.1..TYPE of Enquiry as - Temp Resi Applied online OR other option - Replacements /Amendments to documents & verification of status documents ?


    Temp Residence Applied online - VISA
    Temp Residence Applied online - VISITOR RECORD ???
  10. You're welcome :)

    My answer was highlighted in red color in the previous post
  11. LAST but NOT least

    as per your experience DO you think it will put effect on TRV approval ?? chances of rejections raises ??

  12. You must write that you are informing IRCC about this mistake on your own. Don't forget to email the Vienna office too.

    As long as you inform IRCC asap, you're good. You have a good application. Hopefully, you included the English certified translations
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  13. Thanks..:):)

    Even this will be a new case for you... I will surely update u till final decision.. so others can get help from you

    I think my guess was correct regarding my UCI of 8 digits ( it seems old one ) what u say bryanna ?

    On other hand i was thinking for a second to wait and watch CIC reply about decision of application ?

    BUT old UCI raises questions for me OR do you think might be it will be a fresh new UCI of 8 digits ??

    Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
  14. Yes I have translated all the docs in english with transaltion certificate.

    Now please give me some idea in short what to include in Vienna VO email ??

    i mean subject and main contents

    I hope i will now stop eating ur brain :p
  15. Sure. Please do.

    Yes, possibly the old UCI number. IRCC has been giving 10-digit UCI numbers since end of last year.

    Don't wait.

    You'll be risking a TRV refusal + a 5-year ban for misrepresentation
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