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Seneca College Winter 2020 Intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Mojoyin, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. From Sheridan I got offer on 28th may.
    Have you applied in Sheridan?
  2. Hii, I am going to apply offer letter for seneca college in advance diploma for mechanical engineering-building science. Can anyone tell me if this option will be better for me or should i go with 2 years diploma?? and are there any good job option after advance diploma??
  3. Hi,

    I think Seneca doesn't care about First come first serve basis. So, it all depends upon your previous academic scores and IELTS. May I know your IELTS score? and highest graduation? Because I have also opted for the same on 16th Jul'19
  4. I have done Bachelor of Pharmacy( 4 Years) (2008- 2012) -- 75.5%
    Worked in Role of 'Informatics Business Analyst' from May 2012 to Feb 2019.
    IELTS- 7.5 (L-9, R- 7.5, W- 6.5, S- 6.5)
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  5. My brother applied for the same course on July 18, 2019. His status is same as yours. Seems like the wait will be more than 2 months.
    Hope you will get the admit soon. Keep us posted.

  6. I finally got my acceptance letter!
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  7. Ayy congrats mate. Have u paid your 1st sem due fees? I'm having the offer of admission but I haven't paid my fees yet bc I'm waiting for my education loan to be approved. And what's the difference between offer of admission and Letter of acceptance?
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  8. I got offer from Seneca for chemical laboratory technician.but I'm going with Centennial
  9. Anybody want to know about seneca college
    Contact me for help 7053132714
  10. Which course at centennial? Have you recieved your offer letter ?
  11. Biotechnology advanced, yes
  12. Fast-track ?
  13. What have you recently completed ?
  14. Even I am going for biotechnology advanced in Seneca .
  15. Yes. But in centennial. Seneca have this course?
    I completed bsc in biotechnology, biochemistry and genetics.
    I got offer for chemical laboratory technician in senca I didn't know biotechnology advanced is there.

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