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Seneca College Winter 2020 Intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Mojoyin, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Hi, I applied last April 26, 2019 and the program I chose was Travel Services Management. Status is still “Application has been received”. Per my agency, Seneca is prioritizing the September intakes and might start to review the application for Jan 2020 by July 31.
  2. I also read the last year’s thread about Jan 2019 intakes, most of the students didn’t get the offer letter until October 2018
  3. Hi
    Got my offer letter on the 17th of July.
  4. Hi, which program did you choose and when did you apply?
  5. Supply Chain Management. 14th of May
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  6. Congratulations! How did you get the offer letter? Through email? Also, what is the status like in your portal? Sorry for the many questions.
  7. No problem. it was through an email. although, it was first updated on the portal
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  8. Have you taken the IELTS? If so, is it okay to know your scores?
  9. No i didnt
  10. I see. Thank you! I hope I’ll get mine soon :(
  11. I applied on 15th april and got LOA on 28th may for chemical laboratory technician
  12. same w me bro. i applied on 20th of june tho. i even mailed them and they sent me an automated reply saying 'we are receiving a lot of emails but we are committed to get back to u asap'
  13. and just wondering... whats your ielts score and academic background?
  14. Got the same reply over and over again. Spoke with my agency earlier, other students who applied the same time got theirs already. Different programs tho.
  15. I didn’t take the IELTS because it’s waived; however, I am planning to take the test soon since I’m worrying about my application and other schools require it. My academic background is good, I have BS business ad major in Marketing mngt. How about you?

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