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Seneca College Winter 2020 Intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Mojoyin, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. I am going for the three year biotech advanced course in Seneca . They do not have the fast-track one for jan ! You are right .
  2. Hey everyone.....my status is now showing 'admitted' .....but i haven't received offer letter yet ......what does it signify?
    Please help me out!!!!!!
  3. Nothing to worry about . The same happened with me . And I got the offer letter on the next working day . You need to wait for the next working day . That’s it . I had even called them and they said this means you have been accepted into the college and will recieve the offer letter in 1-2 days .
  4. Oh thank you so much........m so happy .......just waiting to receive offer letter because now there are two holidays......may God bless me.....hahahahahah....nd once again thnku so much
  5. Haha I can understand ! I was tensed the same way
  6. Which course are u admitted for? And have u paid your fees?
  7. I am admitted for H.BCOM (international accounting and finance)........i haven't paid my fees yet as i haven't got offer letter yet......hoping to receive offer letter in just few days.
  8. Would my application status change, once i received offer letter?......or it would remain same?
  9. It would remain same
  10. Hi, I applied for Business Analytics on 16th Jul'19 through consultancy. No progress yet from "application has been received".

    By when can I expect offer letter? Please help. That consultant said they have kept me on priority list. Any idea?
  11. why did you choose for supply chain management program.. is it one year certificate and will leads to PDWP. ?
  12. Hello evryone.....i got my offer letter today for IAF. Actually, i applied for BBM first and received offer letter after 1.5 month but then i requested to change my program on 2 august. Now, i have received my new offer letter too.
  13. Hi, i applied to georgian college in Aug 1st and didnot receive any offer letter yet. Did any one applied in georgian college for Jan 2020 intake?
  14. I applied on first week of july in seneca college through an agent for commuter programming and second option I chose computer engineering. At the end of july, I was told by my agent that I was admitted for computer engineering but he also told me that they approximately take 2/3 weeks for sending offer letter after student is being admitted. I have doubts regarding it and wanna know is it true this?
  15. Check your myseneca portal dude bc I was admitted for business technology management and I got offer letter the very next day

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