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Sending PR Card by Courier

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Jerry1410, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Many thanks for the clarification..ill send it by courrier pigeon lol
  2. a lot of rumour regarding this matter..scanning courrier and sieze the cards?!!!
  3. Don't know how I can put this more simply: CBSA DOES NOT CARE.
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  4. well noted rish888...much appreciated.
  5. Question different from thread topic. Appreciate your help.

    I have got my COPR and expiry is 22nd June 2018. I am planning to go Canada in the month of April 2018 to activate my PR card. It would be short trip from 12-15 days and will come back. Can you please help me with below queries.

    1. Is there any bad effects of travelling late or after 6-7 months after getting COPR?
    2. What should be answered to Immigration officer in case he/she enquirers for duration of stay?
    3. Can Immigration officer asks for initial stay and near future plans in canada?
    4. Regarding Proof of funds need to shown to officer. It should be carried as a cash or Bank Statements would do with carrying couple of thousand CAD along in cash?
    5. If God Forbidden, PR Card gets lost during courier. What are the chances PRTD can be rejected?

    Thanks in Advance and have a nice day!!
  6. Hi.
    I really need urgent advice. This morning I spoke with cic call center agent regarding to send pr card by courier outside canada..she stated it's illegal and not allowed to send pr cards by mail to any other country, she further stated that border and custom officer will find it and the documentwill be seized and u will not not get it back.
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    Others can comment but guess the same agent will also say it is illegal to send a passport by mail or courier any where or even any form of id. People do this all the time and not one person that anyone is aware of has come on here and said their PR card has been seized by customs, at least on the Canada side.

    It’s impossible to say here what might happen on the receiving country side where it is possibly more likely for inbound mail to receive some scrutiny. Nobody on here has yet successfully shown a reference to the Canadian law that shows this is illegal or even any outcome if were illegal given you would assume it would the be sender in Canada who would be in trouble.

    The only sure thing is that you cannot apply for a card from outside the country and IRCC will not mail outside of the country so you would expect the CIC website to categorically say it is illegal for anyone to do so.

    Having said all above of course customs can and do intercept anything they feel needs extra scruntiny but personally I cannot see them sifting through thousands of outgoing envelopes in case they find a PR card. Hopefully they spend their time intercepting real illegal mail, packets/ parcels and then incoming versus outgoing.
  8. Thanks for your prompt and detailed information
  9. I am awaiting my PR card to come to USA from Canada (I already have a PRTD so not worried as much). My question is whether Customs (outgoing customs, not incoming Immigration (CBSA) in particular) will care if a PR card is going outside Canada through any courier service? I.e., I don't know if CBSA is the agency responsible for checking outgoing packages, if at all, or especially if they x-ray individual packages like they do at airports, or if a RFID enabled PR card bleeps or something while passing through? I honestly don't know how customs check small outgoing envelopes from DHL, but if anyone has any idea then please elaborate. I think it's unlikely that PR cards get seized either on Canadian/US side since I haven't read anybody saying so.
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  10. Based on my own personal experience, USA Customs do not care. My PR card was opened by the USA Customs and resealed. Then went on it's way to me in the UK.
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  11. Thanks for your answer. Today I checked my status on DHL. It says "customs clearance event" and then "shipment on hold" and "Awaiting next shipment movement" so I'm guessing it's just waiting for next flight (I hope) o_O
  12. Did you receive your card?
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  13. Yes I did :)
  14. Hi there, hope everyone is doing great.

    I hv a similar query. Has anyone got their PRCs mailed to Riyadh, KSA? Our cards were issued in July 2016 any idea if they are RFID enabled, and there will be no issue in mailing them to KSA. We have a plan to move to Canada for good in Dec'18.

    Needless to say we will go for PRTD if PRCs are not in our possession by Dec'18. Just want to avoid the cost and hassle of getting PRTD.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Dear, you have a lot of time now so better wait and find someone who can bring them by hand to you.

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