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Sending passport from USA to Canada

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Akki045, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. That is strange. The first two lines don't matter much as they deliver based on the street address. And it seems you have the correct street address there.
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  2. That's what I had thought. Called fedex and talked to the local station - they said that this is a Govt. Building and they need send it to some other address to verify the documents before they send it to the actual address, so they said it will be delivered tomorrow. Hoping that's the case and the Driver was just some over enthusiastic new guy who din't know what status to put for exception. Will update the thread once I get confirmation of delivery.
  3. Thanks. That's wat i thought..

  4. For the Ship Date, I have selected a week in the future. But I'm getting the following error:

    The ship date cannot be more than two days in the future. Please select a different ship date.

    Anyone else saw something similar?
  5. Is it ok for the ship date to just be today/tomorrow even when the Visa Office is probably going to ship you back the passports 1-2 weeks later? I'm getting the error 'The ship date cannot be more than two days in the future. Please select a different ship date.' when I'm trying to select something more than 2 days in the future.
  6. Guys,

    I have two questions.

    1. Does the commercial invoice for the return shipment need to be inside the envelope or on top of the envelope where the shipping label is created?

    2. If I choose to get the entire process of shipping and return shipping that includes commercial invoices inclusion, can I get all this done at my local Fedex instead of doing it myself?

    Would appreciate your reply!

  7. The fedex shop can't generate the return label. So just create return label at home and go to local fedex store and they can guide you where to keep invoices etc.
  8. Hi Bro,

    Have you got the answers for these? I'm in the same boat.
  9. Hi guys,

    This is what I did. I had the same headache and felt it was too complex due to less instructions.

    Q1. What is the Phone# for CPC Ottawa, that we would enter when creating the Fedex label?

    Don't give their phone number, it is mentioned in the PPR letter mailed to you to not give their phone number on the shipment.

    Q2. Can the return address be different from the mailing address on our EE application/profile?

    Don't know.

    Q3. The mailing address requires us to include "US Permanent /Temporary Residence VISA/Passports". Where do we enter that? Would it be in the Company field or Contact field? Also, both of these fields have a length limit.

    I had the same issue, I entered the complete title using the given fields,

    US Permanent /Temporary
    Residence VISA/Passports

    Q4. Do we sign the return commercial invoices (or) would the case worker sign those when returning the parcel? There is mixed guidance for this across the forum. Some has recommended signing and placing it in the return envelope pouch, while others have mentioned including it in the main envelope for CIC to sign."

    You need to sign the return commercial invoices too.


  10. Would greatly appreciate if someone can help confirm the answer in my situation -

    I am from China (living in the US) and will need to submit my passport. But, my child was born in the US and has an US passport. In the PPR letter I received, it says " If you are holder of passport(s) from countries whose citizens need a visa to travel to Canada, you will need to submit the passport for you and for each accompanying family member. " So, in my case, should I submit my child's US passport? Or, I should just submit a photocopy of my child's US passport?

    Any insights or personal experiences are truly appreciated!
  11. I think the phrasing trips everyone. You need to send the original valid passport for everyone who needs a visa. For people who don't need a visa for Canadian entry, you need to send a photocopy. So, for your child, you only need to send a photocopy. I had the same criteria and am confirming from personal experience (my wife and I hold Indian passport and my child holds a US passport). They will issue a single entry Visa stamped on your passport for you and others in the family that have a Chinese passport. For you, your family that gets the visa, and your child, they will issue the CoPR.
  12. Thank you, Cubicrootofthee! Really appreciate your timely reply.

    As you suggested, I will just send in a photocopy of my child's US passport. Thank you again!
  13. Just the photocopy of your child's passport. They need passport to affix a one time immigrant visa. Since your child holds a USA passport he/she doesn't need one and hence no need of sending passport. They can validate details just from photocopy.
  14. Hey, I have the same confusion, I did not see anyone replied you with any suggestions. what did you do then?.. Please help!
  15. I sent just the photo copy of my child's US passport. Still waiting for approval and the return of my passports though.

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