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Self-Employed - Graphic Designer (5241)

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by aizaz.ali, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    please follow the steps in the link below

  2. Nah ! We are still waiting on any update on the visa. I am Ali’s wife.
  3. can you share your timeline.?
  4. We applied in end of June 2018
    Application received in July and
    AOR issued on 16th August 2018
    No update since then. Fingers crossed
  5. I share my timeline

    11 Dec 2018 - application sent
    22 Feb 2019 - application received
    16 Mar 2019 - AOR
    04 Apr 2019 - AOR LVO Rabat office
    12 Apr 2019 - request for medicals
    22 Apr 2019 - medical exam done
    24 Apr 2019 - RPRF request
    24 Apr 2019 - RPRF paid
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    Hello how's your application going? Your application seems moving forward pretty fast. Happy for you! Did you apply via online or mail? And if you don't mind me asking in what province you are planning to reside?

  7. Hi

    I am graphic designer with over 14 years of experience in this field. Overtime, I became a freelancer but worked as a freelance consultant from 2007 - 2016 working with international organisations ...but mainly as a consultant. I had some contracts like for individual assignments. Then in 2017, i started working fulltime and I am still working as that. I want to immigrate to canada but I want to be the prime applicant, my age is almost 41 and my scores isnt coming down to whats required. How do i apply and if there are some other visas i can apply to? Please let me know ...

    thank you

  8. hi
    your experience seems can apply for self employ.
  9. But my point are coming down to very low. I need to know what other visas i can apply. Also, all the projects I did, these were freelancing projects/consultancies. SOme of the contracts I have. Need more guidance here please.

    thank you
  10. send me messages on whatsapp +8613588023035,do you get 35 points total?
  11. sorry i cant whatsapp. I need advice on the forum if you can explian things here, it would be nice.

    thank you
  12. you should find a lawyer to assess your eligibility.
    kind regards
  13. thanks. will do
  14. Hi,

    Thanx for giving this important information.
    i am from india and want to file for self employed visa as a Interior home decorator, i am getting 80+ points but i want to know some things that
    1. My profession is not registered in my home country or anywhere.
    2. No tax paid as i have income from my profession is about 2.40lakh
    3. My master degree is in Social work and a diploma in interior designing

    Could i apply for this visa and also get this visa?

    thanx please reply me

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