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Self-Employed - Graphic Designer (5241)


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Sep 17, 2020
how many graphic designers in this thread successfully applied for the self-employed program from Karachi Pakistan and get the visa?


Oct 20, 2020
Business isn't needed with the underlying application, in Schedule 6A there is a room of section where you can disclose why you need to go to a specific city in Canada. That is the place I clarified a synopsis of the strategy I have.


Sep 11, 2019
and do you submit a Narrative documents showing the source of your money?
could you please offer your templets? thanks so much. because Iam confused about this document.

If you don't mind, I am so pleasure to contact with you by WeChat. my WeChat No. is lilin186183

so appreciate.
I'm a Chinese , for all the posts and replies I've read on this forum under the business program, you're the only one asking for templates and leaved contacts, waiting for others to come to you. It's really embarrassing. Please stop asking for templates and leave your contacts here. People like to share and help others, it's a beautiful world, but they don't owe you anything. You should do your own work based on the information you gathered. And share things to help others if you can.