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Self-Employed Application 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I am from India and applying for Self Employed program end of this month i.e sept 2019.. can any one tell me do we have to send medical report and pcc along with the documents .. and also i have to pay biometric fees along with fees...

    Prakash Patel

  2. Yes pay biometric fees along with application fees, and include PCC. No medical reports. You can either wait till IRCC requests for your medicals or you can do upfront medicals when you've gone far along in the process (it's entirely up to you)
  3. I have successfully read to the 67th page of this thread and its awesome.

    Please I would like to ask. I am a self employed fashion designer and I have been sewing and training for more than 6years. I only registered my buisness name last year and recently opened an account with the buisness name. The bulk of the transactions are still done in my personal account as most of my customers already have it. Though i have a face book and instagram acounts running in my buisness for a very long time. Now the questions are..
    1. Will my one year old buisness incorporation pose a problem to the more than 6years experience which i can even get my customers to attest to?
    2.. Will I need to include my husband's bank statement as buisness doesn't not support the family 100%?
  4. Thank you for reply, PCC is valid for only 6 months...or should i wait when they request...for pcc and medical.....

  5. Hello, if you can prove that you've ran the business longer than when you registered it you should be fine. I do not believe that business registration is a criterion but it definitely helps. Yes your husband's bank account can be part of your proof of funds but he must write and sign a letter stating that funds are accessible to you.
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  6. Your application could be returned without a PCC, so please please include it. It doesnt matter that it expires in 6 months, they hardly request for updated PCC...
  7. I always find it slightly troubling that people are going into this without having read even the most basic information regarding requirements and processes, all of which are available in clear English on the Canadian Government Website. Maybe it's just me but I feel that forums like this should be used for requesting very specific information regarding say a specific question on a specific form rather than "I freelance 2 months can get visa and wife in?"
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  8. I totally agree with you!
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  9. Funds available to you is part of your networth. I showed them cash in bank + other assets. Cash was important to maintain for 6 months as per the minimum required for individuals/family as per CIC.

    so they need to see you have atleast the minimum available funds immediately incase you dont have any income once you land in canada.

    And if there is any large cash input in your account - just show that you sold your car/business etc. sale agreement or receipts etc
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  10. I agree. This is what we did. We submitted our application together with the deed of sale as we sold our condo unit a couple of mos back. And, We immidiately paid the fees and the day after we shipped out our application to Sydney, NS via Fedex and they already received the documents however, we are still awaiting for their final confirmation. I understand it will take months for them to confirm the said application but, yeah, no rush as we understood from the very beginning this self-employed pathway does takes longer than usual.
  11. Not necessarily longer for this stream. My estimated wait time was 2 years. But my application from AOR to COPR was 3 months only. So in about 9 months total from application sent to moving to Canada for me...
  12. Hi, I'm a newbie here and I've read most of your replies. They're very helpful! Thank you so so so much for that. I have 2 questions.
    1 Is the reference letter required for this application?
    I am a leather product designer or craftsman, I design, make and sell them on my website for at least 5 years. I don't know any organizations, companies to write such a letter for me. Will that be a big problem?
    2 Without the language test, my score should be 70. If it's oaky not taking the language test? English is not my native.
  13. thanks , there a question in the generic application it asks about agreement to share education and work experience with employers in order to assist them in hiring workers, do we say yes or no since we will be self employed in canada?(the last question in the form )
  14. Hi everyone! Greetings from Hong Kong.

    Newbie here, we are currently gathering our documents, filling in the forms, preparing for taking IELTS, and planning to submit our application by the end of 2019.

    Many thanks for creating this thread leavingonajetplane2016 and everyone for your essential input! I have gone through all the #1018 posts here and found the thread really useful for our preparation and expectation setting.

    I would like to ask a simple question - did you have every single academic certificate/ transcript copies certified? I got a bit confused here as according to the manual my impression is that only translated copies of documents are supposed to be certified. Is that correct?

    Your experience sharing and advice is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
  15. Hey dude, it's better to get those documents certified. I'm not sure if I am right, but the few people I know who submitted their application in HongKong all did this.

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