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Self-Employed Application 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. thank u so much for your answers.let me give u my situation i own a gym (the only owner)and i have money in an account and a great apartment and no stocks.my wife is a teacherhow u think i should fill it out. what does it mean pensions
  2. thank u so much .11j sample if u could please.i own a gym the only owner mony in my account my wife is a teacher no debts and no stocks and i have a great apartment. how u think i can fill it out
  3. Application delivered to CIO today.
  4. Hi I really wish you all the best with your application. I'll be submitting my documents later this year.

    My questions are,
    1. Did you submit any business plan with your application? *discussing how you plan to establish yourself as a self-employed person in Canada.
    2. How many applications are being accepted in this visa category each year?
    3. What is the maintenance (funds to support yourself in Canada) are you showing? Because rules regarding this are very unclear.
  5. What kind of evidence do we have to provide, in order to claim the points of "Adaptability"? My uncle lives in Ontario. So how do I prove we are related?
  6. Q1: No I didn't submit a business plan. I just provided a synopsis of what I would be doing once I arrived.
    Q2: I didn't find this information anywhere but I expect this process to last over a year anyway. Processing time last time I checked was 35 months.
    Q3. It's the same as mentioned on their website for FSW for 1 person, 2 persons, 3 persons and so on and so forth.
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  7. Thank you for your response, much appreciated and best wishes for your visa application.
  8. I think in the checklist somewhere on adaptability, it says to provide a copy of the person's PR card or passport? Mine was NA so I don't recall the exact requirements but should be on the checklist.
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  9. As of today, processing time has dropped to 26 months. Good news!
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  11. Yes, thank you. We have a completed application "In Process" since January. Our case is strong, given my husband's experience and my ties to the province, so we hope to hear sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed! :)
  12. Hi, I am actually thinking about applying under the self employed stream as well. I am a writer (have been for the past 4 years) and earn almost all of my income this way.

    I actually did get drawn under the Express Entry system, and all went smoothly until we were rejected for not supplying a NZ police certificate (even though I only spent 3 1/2 months in the country). Appealed, but no luck.

    I'll keep you guys updated, and look forward to reading other people's experiences!

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  13. Quick question: Our application was handled by an immigration law firm who has been getting the email communication re our application, e.g., that it was complete. They forward those emails to us. Would it mess anything up if we linked our paper application to an online account so that we can see/hear directly, too? Will that preclude the attorney from getting updates?

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