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Security Guard Application


Oct 12, 2019
Greetings! A pleasant good day. I am presently residing here in the Philippines. I am looking to work and obtain work permit in Canada. I work as a security guard before. I have completed my 2 years study in Computer Technology. Knowledge in MS Word , Excel and PowerPoint presentation. Moreover my profound trainingd and experience furhter enhance my skills and knowledge in the Security fields as well in Safety Security jobs. I am well oriented person. I can work under pressure even without the supervision of my supervisor. And able to handle instructions and information effectively to the best of my abilities. The following are my ; JOB DESCRIPTION / KEYS SKILLS COMPETENCIES Ability to handle conflict situation tactfully but firmly Good knowledge of the English language both orally and writing. Ability to remain competent and in a static position during long periods of 12 hour work shifts. Experience in managing large event and crowd control, organizing well flow of traffic to ensure safety of pedestrian and vehicles. Provides safety and protection of People, Information and Company Properties. And to preserve best interest of Clients needs through adhering company policies and procedures. Executes emergency response and advance evacuation plan as directed by the company. To provide fire protection exercises to all areas of workplace and inspects life safety equipments and all emergency exits on a regular basis to ensure it is operational and safe from danger and hazards. To report all unusual activity to the immediate in charge upon discovery; any accidents, incidents and or events to include written reports for future reference. To ensure that all employees, staff, visitors, contractors and others within the premises are properly inspected before entry and exit the facility. To strictly implement regularly checking of vehicles and deliveries and are registered at the monitoring log sheet. To ensure that all contractors coming to the facilities have the necessary valid contractor's identification card, work permit, safety equipment and gate pass. Conducts timely patrol, and periodically inspects assigned area of responsibilities constantly to prevent any undesirable and suspicious person to trespass. Whose presence on the property is not considered to be the best interest to the management, clients or its guest. Maintain always visible and accessible profile among guest and team members to create a sense of security; to deter potential problems in the workplace. To extend full courtesy to all Officers, Staffs, Guests and Colleagues. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks

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Mar 1, 2019
No one here is hiring people or posting jobs. You'd be better off looking at employment websites, but I'm very sorry to say that I doubt any Canadian company will go through the expense to LMIA a security guard.