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Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by bairn7, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. I'm moving to Canada in January and I was going to wire transfer funds to a new Scotiabank account prior to arrival as they say that this is a good way to show POF if asked on landing.

    Has anyone recently done this, and can advise on the process? I have provided them my CoPR number and they have sent me an email with my account number and wiring instructions. But there is no further info in relation to how I can access funds or get a statement of balance? I don't have any login details etc other than to the email system, is this correct?

    I'm a little wary transferring such a large amount on so little information.

  2. What email system is this. They should provide you with a login or stay a mechanism to generate balance/statement which you would need later for POF
  3. dont use it, if address on ur passport and account doesnt match -- money will be sent back.

    you will lose a large chunk of money coz of this back n forth.

    use forex cards
  4. They won't ask for proof of funds at the port of entry.
  5. That is incorrect advice. Poe officer will check for POF at Poe. You are on hook to prove that the funds you have will let you survive in Canada. Most folks are verbally asked whole some may be asked to show documents.

    Having said that POF can also be shown using foreign funds
  6. no they dont.
  7. It very common to check POF at POE.
  8. they will just ask how much funds you have, they dont ask for proof. pretty much the experience of everyone who landed including myself. everything else is a rumor spread by the two posters above.
  9. if you say you are carrying cash, then POE officer may ask to count the cash in-front of him, and also check whether the currency notes are authentic or counterfeit. :p:p
  10. An individual experience does not determine cic rules or what others experience might be. If you have an official word from cic, do share here:

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