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Scarborough -DM-Oath

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Jesuslovesyou, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Similar timeline to yours, my app received January 8th, DM since July and still waiting for Oath date
  2. I sent webform and told them that my application has passed its 12 months period. I received an email that we have sent them a letter and asked them to put you for the upcoming ceremonies. After that there are 4 ceremonies taking place there, but I have not received any letter yet. This process is so tiring.
  3. how soon did you receive the response from them.
  4. 2 days
  5. I guess you will receive ceremony invitation soon. It's always fast after they send the processing office letter
  6. Got my oath invatation this morning for December 20,finally!!! Ceremony will be held in Mississauga.
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  7. I sent my application November 23rd 2017, had my test in scarborough on September 12th. Have decision made but still waiting for an oath invite? I think i am the only one left from November 2017.
  8. Have you tried calling them and ask what’s the latest update on your application?, I called December 4th and was told my file was queue for oath, December 5th called again and was told that I’m already schedule for oath And today got official oath invatation.

    Hopefully you’ll get yours soon
  9. Thankyou! Congratulations on getting your oath!! . Yes i called them , they said my files says ready for cermony. But they didnt tell me when will i get an oath letter or when is the cermony.
  10. Congrats!- same day/location for me as well...looks like this forum would be well represented during the ceremony!
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  11. Hi, Congrats, What is your Timeline,,,Thanks
  12. App received November 21,2017
    AOR January 10,2018
    IP February 1,2018
    Test September 1,2018
    DM September 19,2018
    Oath December 20, 2018
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  13. Thanks, so basically it is taking more than 12 months now
  14. I am November applicant too. I did the test in March. So 9 months has passed from being DM.
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  15. I'm near your Time Line, Mines December 2017

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