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Scarborough -DM-Oath

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Jesuslovesyou, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Dear all, just wondering if anyone who did the test around the 7th -11th of March 2017 at the Scarborough office has received an Oath letter? Please confirm.
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  2. Oath invites here are back logged by couple of months. I noticed Jan dated test getting oath invite in April first week.
  3. My test date was Jan 10 in Scarborough.
    Decision was made and online status updated on March 23
    My online status was updated today stating a letter was sent on April 12 and my oath date is May 4

    This should help you estimate your timeline.
  4. Looks like Scarborough is extremely slow.
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  5. Next oath ceremony listed as May 4, 2017 11am @ Scarborough.
  6. Where do you get this information?
  7. http://www.cic.gc.ca/citcer/search-recherche-eng.aspx#resultList
  8. Thank you so much!
  9. it's a shame only one in May. and only two in April. Mississauga has like 10 every month. Clearly not enough to accommodate all of Toronto.
  10. I am sure there are many other dates for oath ceremony. My date is May 4 and the time is 8:30 AM. I do not see that on the list.
    I also recall reading a few pages back someone stating their oath ceremony in Scarborough was on May 2nd.

    Don't stress, it will happen in due time.
  11. When did you do your test, February or March? Looks like the few or should I say the lucky few who've received their Oath letters did the test in February. I'm also optimistic that Scarborough will have atleast 10 ceremonies in May to reduce/clear the backlog. It looks like many with DM in February and March are anxiously waiting......
  12. Read my post above
  13. Thanks, Devs. Going by your timeline, those who took the test and DM in March should be programmed in June hopefully.
  14. I called up CIC 3 weeks ago and was told that my file is moved to St claire, this could be to divide the backlog at Scarborough. My DM was done on Feb 10th the same day i took the test. i also sent a letter to St claire requesting to schedule my oath early as i have a vacation to be taken by end of july and do not want to waste money on visas. Let's see where it moves ???
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  15. Good luck mate!...

    My file was transferred to St Claire from Scarborough too. Decision made since November...still waiting on Oath invite.

    Keep us posted when you get your Oath invite.

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