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Sample BSF186 and BSF186a attached for ref

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by RookieMistake, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been receiving a few PMs regarding the BSF forms I used while landing @ YYZ so I'm attaching my samples here:

    [One wont be able to download or edit it. Its just for ref.]​

    Use it as a ref and as I've mentioned before you may be asked or you may be not - YMMV.
    I went prepared and was not "asked" per se but I wanted it to be on record so that I don't have to pay duty when I'm importing my "goods to follow (BSF186a)".
    1. If you're having the goods shipped:
    The CBSA officer mentioned that I need to hand it over (the completed BSF186a form & the 'receipt' he printed which had my details, total value of all goods and mentioned that I need to pay 0 $CAD for importing these items) to the moving company if I'm having the 'goods to follow' shipped by the moving company.
    2. If you're bringing it over yourself:

    If I'm bring the stuff over myself - He said "carry this with you in person so that if you're asked you can show it to them."​

    You can read about my landing experience here - https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/my-landing-experience-at-toronto-yyz.521397/

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  2. Thank u so much... Really helpful
  3. Do the students who are coming to Canada for study also have to fill this form
  4. I personally don't know about this. Maybe someone else can help or you may look around on the forum in other threads.
  5. I have seen some discussion that you only need bring these forms when you intend on residing in Canada. I intend to arrive, activate my PR, but stay with family for two months and then must return to complete sale of house, packing etc... before returning to reside hopefully in August/September.

    So when I "soft land" will I need to declare goods using the bsf186 forms or only when I return and intend to reside in August?

  6. OK thank you
    When you wrote these forms you went to study in Canada or PR
  7. I came in as a PR
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  8. OK
  9. Hi,

    Yes, I would recommend you still declare - coz otherwise you may be asked to pay duty on the things you import eventually in Aug.
  10. No. You do not need to declare goods at the time of soft landing. You can do it when you move to Canada for good.

    Here is a recent example:
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  11. Hi,
    The list is quite detailed and helpful. I see a lot of excel lists floating around. Do we need those mandatorily or is that supposed to be just as an additional check in case some CBSA official asks for more details?
    You mentioned in #1 that the completed BSF186a needs to be handed over to the moving company. At what point do we do that? Do we have the goods to follow sent out before our travel or do we have it sent out of India after we have arrived in Canada?
  12. It's mandatory if you want to move items duty free after landing. You will send Goods to Follow list after landing once it has been stamped by CBSA.
  13. Hi
    I'm unable to view the sample document. Do you have an alternative link to sample filled form bsf186. Thanks!
  14. Hi, did u got your answer?
    I am also looking for same. I am international student for 2 years study . I am also carrying my gold and some utensils with me. Do i need to declare??
    Anyone plz answer me...
  15. Hi everyone,
    I am landing Toronto with my wife and son. Do I need to prepare separate list of 'Goods with me' or one consolidated list.

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