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Rome, Italy Office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by can/alb, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, on march 28th i send my paper application to rome italy for authorization to return back to canada which was requested by immigration to finalize my application since i had stage one approved for humanitarian application, its been almost a month and i was wondering if anyone knows what the processing time is and if it will be faster for me since i have a case and immigration is asking for the authorization to return back.
  2. It's very difficult to say how long it will take. ARC processing can be anywhere from a few months to a few years. Hopefully it will be a few months for you - but again, impossible to predict.

    No - I don't think it will be faster in your case since you have a case. Most people go through the ARC process as part of a case. So your situation is no different than that of most.
  3. Ive heard people having it accepted within 30 business days after rome has reviewed their application, is there any way i can contact rome or and online website i can use to see updates for my arc ? Its been 9 months away from canada and i need this approved asap so i can continue my studies.
  4. No - there's no way to see your status online. All you can really do is wait.
  5. Hi, I really need someone to answer this for me please.
    My wife's application is being processed in Rome and it's been 19 months so far and the application is stuck on background, we had our first child during this time and they asked me to send a copy of my daughter's passport so I finally was able to send thm the passport, and as soon as they received it they sent an email saying that they will send a remedical request. So my question is, does this mean the background check has concluded and now all that is left is the medical before requesting my wife's passport?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated
  6. Rome VO is really slow. They haven't even started my background check yet. Not sure what is going on. The application was sent in October 2017. Anyone know of a way to speed up the process?
  7. Hello everyone. We are still waiting and it has been 9months now. Anyone got any news yet?
  8. We ordered our notes a couple of weeks ago to hopefully shed some light on our file progress. We were transferred to Rome in June, medical approved in July. Our file should be beyond simple. True test on delays without reason.
  9. Same here. Waiting since november 2017
  10. O my god!!! 14 months !!!! I think i might go crazy..this is the beginning of the 10th month for us :(
  11. Writing just to send an update. We received PPR from Rome last week and we're January 2018 applicants and we were not the only one to receive it in these days. So things are moving, hold on :)
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  12. O my. Such a good thing for you !! Please can you remind me what PPR means ?
  13. It's Passport request, basically the last step so they can deliver the confirmation of permanent residence
  14. Ok. So this means great news for you guys. I hope they work on our app as well. We are november 2017
  15. Hi, how long did it take to receive your passport and CoPR back from Rome VO??

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