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Rome, Italy Office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by can/alb, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Hi, I have submitted my application in September of 2017.Medical passed at the end of October.
    File transferred at Rome Visa Office in October. So it's about 6 months since my application is received and no update.

    Do you have any updates guys ?
    Thanks a lot , wish u luck :)
  2. File transferred in September 2017 they just requested additional documents March 5 , basically they requested documents that were originally sent with the application. We have mailed them and are now just waiting to see what will happen next.
  3. Hi again everyone,
    I just checked my application status online and it says decision made on the application for permanent residence however it doesn’t say what the decision is. Does anyone know how to find out? And what are the next steps?
    Thank you and good luck to all!
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  4. Hi, did you already submit your passport?
  5. My AOR Is 20 November, IP2 since March 14. FSWO. What is your current status?
  6. No I haven’t I just know that the medicals were received and passed.
  7. Just try and endure with delaying now a days
  8. When did they started processing your Background check ? I think they will contact through email for passport request soon . Are u under family spouse sponsorship?
  9. Not
    Nothing new from my file . Waiting since they started processing file in october . Ip2 means they started processing your background check ?
  10. Yes, and just today I received the passport request email. But I was wondering there was no mention of photos to be sent. Anyone got ppr feom rome visa office, did you get photo request in your Email?
  11. Congratulations!! You may not need to send photos because you sent them with your application and they must be fine. If it’s not requested on your email then you don’t need to worry about sending new photos
  12. Thanks a lot!
  13. I have no idea when they started processing the background check it doesn’t say anything online! Yes this is a spousal sponsorship, hopefully I hear from them soon!
  14. Hello everybody.
    Me and my wife started family sponsorship in february this year. She is the sponsor and is canadian citizen by birth and I am the PA and Italian citizen. We got AOR1 and submitted all the normal documents, medicals already passed so we are waiting for our file to get transferred to Rome VO. Do you have any information on their processing times?
  15. Hi everyone.
    Around a month ago my CAS changed to decision made, today it says “we sent you correspondence on April 12, 2018 about the decision on your application”. I don’t have an email from CIC, neither does my lawyer. My lawyer says she doesn’t like this... if it was a positive decision they usually send an email request for the passport to be sent to Rome. If it’s sent by mail it means it could be refusal letter.

    Does anybody know anything about the final steps on approval or denial of an application... I am afraid it has been refused now as we haven’t received an email. Thank you !!

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