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Rejected visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by deepak1956, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. My son & daughter in law applied for Canada tourist visa but same got rejected for following reasons-
    1. Travel history
    2. Family ties in Canada & in country of residence
    3. Purpose of visit.
    My son is a qualified Chartered accountant & runs his company. His wife is an Engineer & MBA & is working with him in his company. The two got married in Feb 2018.
    My query is as follows-
    1. Can they reapply for visa or submit further proof to address reasons of rejection?
    2. For travel history- My son has travelled to Dubai, Thailand, Spain, Netherlands, SriLanka & Greece & daughter in lawto Dubai & Greece (was recent in June2018 along with son). Both of them have returned within due period for all their destinations. Also sons business will not allow extended stay due to Client commitments
    3. Family ties in Canada & in country of residence-parents of both sides live in India, own property in India, son owns commercial & residential properties in India.
    4. Purpose of visit is to celebrate birthday of daughter in law & he can submit detailed itinerary of his visit.
    with above do you think they stand good chance of having their visa accepted or any other document support is required?
    They have non-refundable to & fro air tickets booked for their trip already- I wonder if that can also be inserted in travel history/ family ties to makeaccessing officer believe they are determined to come back in scheduled time.
    Can someone guide-their trip is booked for early next month.
  2. Bryanna I have seen lot of your helpful responses. Can you guide please?

    My son & daughter in law non-refundable tickets are booked for early next month.

    Thank you
  3. Unfortunately it's never a good idea to buy tickets until you have an approved visitor visa in hand. But obviously nothing they can do about that now.

    Yes - they can certainly reapply but will want to strengthen their application. How long a trip did they request?

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