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Regarding visitor visa for brother

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by samteshwar, Nov 16, 2018.

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    Dear Bryanna, @Bryanna please reply

    I am a PR in Canada, my brother and parents reside in India. My parents hold valid visitor visas however, my brother has been refused twice. He is 26 and single, he applied before I became PR hence there was no invitation from my side.

    He owns his business since July 2014, we mentioned in the same in previous applications. He has ITRs, balance sheets, list of customers.

    He has traveled to Australia, Singapore, UAE and Thailand in the past.

    My parents run another business since 1960’s. Both the businesses are doing exceptionally well.

    Should we re-apply for his TRV again sometime and what documents should we submit?
  2. 1. When did he apply?

    2. What were the refusal reasons?

    Do post the detailed list of documents that he intends to submit.

    1. Only the travel to Australia will count.

    2. What was the purpose + for how long + when?

    1. Purpose for his intended visit + for how long?

    2. Does he have employees? Leased office premises? Owns property and/or other immovable assets? Good personal financial situation? Financial investments? Married or engaged to be married soon? Volunteers for social or charity causes? Member of a sports club or for other similar activities?
  3. Thank you for your reply @Bryanna

    He applied in April and August this year.
    We submitted all GST, business registration certificates, balance sheets and income tax statements for 3 years.

    The property of business is owned by our dad, which is further leased out to brother’s business.

    He is single and not engaged or getting married soon.

    Australia visit was in September 2015 for 8 days and it was for vacation.
  4. Refusal reasons were:

    Single male from India with no friends/family in Canada.

    Less funds available to pay for hotel and holiday expenses.

    Less travel history and weak home ties.

    His intended purpose is only to explore Canada for vacation, he will return after 10-12 days.
  5. He was refused twice pretty recently. It would seem like desperation to visit. Regardless of whether or not he has a good application, I would recommend he waits at least 8-10 months (summer next year?) before he reapplies.

    These documents do not prove that his business is actively trading + he needs to return to manage his business.

    When did he start this business?

    Does he have a lease agreement for this? If yes, can he provide receipts/direct debits?

    And for these questions?
  6. @Bryanna

    Yes, we have receipts/debits for payment towards godown rental.

    Yes, 2 employees are employed in this business.

    Business was started in 2014 after he finished his BBA. We have old certificates under VAT regime as well as new one under GST.

    Marriage is not on cards right now as he is not engaged.

    Yes, he participates in social activities like Run for fundraisers.

    Should he accompany parents or can he re-apply alone in and around May 2019?
  7. He will apply alone because your parents already hold valid TRVs. He must prove he has very strong ties in terms of his business + financial situation, etc.

    IMO again, he has a good chance of a TRV approval if he prepares his application well. Do post the list of documents + his personal/professional situation before he applies next year. I will certainly help
  8. Thanks a ton for your replies and your help for next application. Will keep in touch and take your approval before submitting documents. Also, he is going to travel to Europe in March/April next year so we will apply after his Europe visit is complete.
  9. Which countries in Europe?
  10. @Bryanna Greece and Switzerland!!

    One more question, in visitor visa case if a person receives 2nd ghost update for ‘application updated’ few hours after review of eligibility has started, what can it mean?
  11. Although both are Schengen countries, I would add another 'stronger' country instead of Greece. It would help if your brother applies for and gets a Swiss Schengen visa.

    It means the visa office has done some internal processing on the application. In most cases (especially if it is after 'Review of eligibility') then a decision could be expected soon
  12. @Bryanna Most likely it would be Switzerland as it’s an incentive tour for meeting business targets for the year.

    Ghost update within 2-3 hours of eligibility review is most likely a refusal or an approval?
  13. Okay

    Do wait for the 'Final decision' status to be updated
  14. @Bryanna I was anticipating a decision today or yesterday on an application. Application was submitted on 12th Nov. and the review of eligibility started and ghost updates came on Friday 17th Nov. within 2-3 hours.
  15. Was it a TRV application or for another visa?

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