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refusal of work permit due to biometrics

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Candela, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Hi Karan, did you find out why you were refused (since you already gave your biometrics)? I got this same letter and I'm wondering what I need to do to get an acceptance when I reapply.
  2. Hi, I got the same letter of refusal a few days ago and I presume it's because I missed the biometrics mail as well. Was this problem fixed once you gave your biometrics, and if so, how long after you reapplied did you finally hear back from IRCC?

    I'm hoping it's not something other than the biometrics? Just hoping this will result in an acceptance since I have to go study :(
  3. hi

    what was exact reason for refusal you got?
    have you applied for discretion notes?
  4. Here is what mine read:

    • You are found inadmissible to Canada under paragraph 41(a) of the IRPA: through an act or omission which contravenes, directly or indirectly, a provision of this Act.
    • You have not complied with our request for information, per subsection 16(1) of the IRPA. To date, you have failed to comply with our request for biometrics.

    I haven't applied for notes- where do I do that? So far, I have just emailed the office that issued me the correspondence letter. Have you had any success turning your refusal into acceptance?
  5. I got the same letter of refusal as I missed my biometrics but I asked for a reconsideration and it was refused, I entered the pool again and received another invitation to reply, currently submitting my application and then this time I wont miss the biometrics!
    But i did travel to Canada for vacation and was stopped upon entry and asked about the refusal, explained to them and they let me in no problem so I believe it was only due to Biometrics that the refusal occurred
  6. Relieved to hear you got the same letter of refusal- with only biometrics being the reason. I've been frantic wondering why there were two clauses in the explanation and whether there was something in addition to biometrics that I got wrong. I've resubmitted my application too and hope to hear a favorable response. Let me know if you hear from anybody about your new application as well, please :) and good luck!
  7. Yeah from what I gather, by failing to submit the biometrics you have also
    then committed the act which contravenes this act. Hopefully all goes well on your next application

    Canada under paragraph 41(a) of the IRPA: through an act or omission which contravenes, directly or indirectly, a provision of this Act

    Hopefully all goes well on your next application
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  8. Hi,

    I'm wondering if when they refuse visa because of incomplete biometrics- does this mean they've already had a thorough look at the entire application and incomplete biometrics is the only problem? Or that they saw the biometrics were incomplete and didn't even check the rest of the application?
  9. Hi,

    yeah, I found it. as per descriptive notes, the reason was fully different from the rejection letter.
    according to notes, we found we didn't justify our wedding.
  10. Thanks. Two questions- did you get a visa refusal letter or a visa denial letter? Slightly different meanings there.
    Also what did your letter state? I don't understand how they can give out an explanation letter very different from the notes you requested

  11. sorry, when we got the result of our visa application at the time usually we get a letter from CIC on that they stated they are going to refuse our application due to XYZ reason and welcome to reapply.

    please email me if you have more questions @ karandhanju1992@gmail.com
    to be very frank we haven't got our visa yet. if you still want to ask please feel free....
  12. HI David,

    On resubsimission of your application, do you have to pay the Visa fee again?

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