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Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rainbowbee, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, where can I renew my RTD?
  2. What documents do I need for RTD RENEW? thnx
  3. You have to apply to Passport CANADA in Gatineau Quebec. You will have to submit similar documents when you first applied for RTD and that you have to also include your current RTD. Processing time is 20 business days.
  4. Has anyone tried applying for a visa to either Egypt or Jordan?
  5. From which country did you apply for the Schengen visa? Since Germany doesn't require it for entry, so it doesn't issue visas on the RTD and it looks like you had no base country.

  6. Just an update I received.

    All Schengen countries except Greece now accept Refugees Travel Document. This is confirmed 100%.

    You still need a visa except Germany and 2 other countries.
  7. Hi guys,

    I am convention refugee and I got my RTD but I am not PR yet. I read all the messages, I see that we can go to germany without visa what are the other countries we can go without visa @LoveCanada10? Do we have an updated list somewhere? I am also considering to apply for france visa but what are my chances without a job and funds?

  8. I don't think there is any updated list anywhere. Maybe that's a good project for someone to do :)
    I am not sure what other countries can be visited without visa if no PR. Also that depends on the nationality.

    For Schengen visa, you need to provide bunch of documents including proof of sufficient fund. When I applied I got a letter from my work and also printed my bank statement and provide my credit card statement. No one can tell you if they will give you visa or not until you apply and see how it goes.

    Good luck
  9. [size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]I have been asked this question via messages. So far I can confirm below European countries accept Travel Document issued by Canada (Without a PR) with no Schengen visa:

    1. Germany (All of you know)!
    2. Hungry
    3. Slovenia

    I checked all the countries web site. I think there is another one which I missed. If anyone knows, please let us know.

  10. From Caribbean countries I can confirm below countries don't need visa for Travel document holders + PR Card:

    1. Cuba
    2. Dominican Republic

    Jamaica NEEDS visa (If you nationality needs visa).

    Saint Lucia does NOT accept Travel Document.

    Cayman Islands NEEDS visa (If your nationality needs visa).

    Please add if you have more information.
  11. Update - Anyone traveling to the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands DO NOT need a visa if having a PR card regardless of using Travel Document or National passport. I confirmed with the embassy.

    Sint Maarten
    Sint Eustatius

  12. I did apply for a visa to Egypt about 3 years ago
    03 2014
    you have to send an application with copies of you travel document and your pr or the notice of decision and your bank statement .
    they have to get a clearance from the interior ministry in Cairo
    once they have that they will issue the visa
    it took me about 3 week
    the staff was really nice and understanding
  13. if you are PR of Canada you do not need visa to Mexico , but if you have only Canadian refugee travel document without PR you do need visa to Mexico
    and Bahamas and Panama are same as Mexico.
  14. NO help from Government if you RTD is lost outside of Canada

    Thank you for the info on RTD, Rainbowbee.

    I wonder if you discussed with Canadian officials what would happen to a refugee if his Refugee Travel Document is lost or stolen during travel outside of Canada? Is their Government body that would be protecting refugee's rights and safety outside of Canada?

    I am in this situation. So far it's been grim. I have contacted ALL Government services that deal with Canadians abroad, including consulates - the answer is "You do not meet requirements for help, because you are a refugee, not a citizen." At the moment I can't proceed with my journey and can not return back to Canada because no airline would let me board without RTD. Even if I was to walk across US/Canadian border it is not guarantied that I would be let into Canada. The decision would be up to CBSA officer.

    I would appreciate any relevant information.

    To any refugee who is planning on traveling outside of Canada: do not be mistaken thinking that Government of Canada will help you abroad if you loose your Travel Document or find yourself in an emergency situation. They will not! Because you are NOT a Canadian citizens. I learned that with my own skin. I am traveling with my Canadian spouse (Canadian citizen) and they still refuse to assist.
  15. Re: NO help from Government if you RTD is lost outside of Canada

    Do you have a PR card?

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