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Received ITA two months before reaching 1 year of experience

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by adrianohck, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I started working in Canada on Oct 21, 2017, under a temporary work permit. Then, I created my Express Entry profile and included this information properly. Last week, on Set 05, 2018, I received an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Resident. I was looking at my points and noticed that IRCC gave me 40 points for "Canadian Work Experience".

    My questions are:

    1. Why did I receive this ITA since I will only have one year of experience next month? Could it be a glitch in IRCC's system?
    3. Should I proceed with my application in spite of the fact that I still don't have one full year of Canadian Experience?

    I haven't found any information on IRCC's website about this topic.

    Thanks for helping!!
  2. Yes it is a glitch, the EE profile does not accept exact dates for work experience so if you enter October it counts the whole month. If you are waiting to complete a minimum entry requirement of 1 year you will need to consider declining the ITA / ITAs until you reach 1 year. Your profile will re-enter the pool as soon as you decline. Declining does not impact any subsequent application.
  3. I think you can go ahead and apply, you have 60 days to submit the application. By the time they look at your application you will have 1 full year or experience.
  4. The minimum entry requirements need to be satisfied at the time of the ITA.
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  5. Hi,

    i have a question what is you toalxrs score?


  6. Hi i have the same case i got ITA before completing 2 yrs .. what happen? did you apply and get your PR .. ?
  7. In you case is different because it's before the 2nd year, this doesn't affect the Minimum Entry Criteria (MEC)... On the other hand before the first year your haven't met the MEC and are therefore not eligible for the program and risk being accused of misrepresentation.
  8. did you get your PR after submission for 1 year , and a month before invitation?
  9. Guys can anyone confirm. If you got the PR and this is Fine, I am same boat.

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