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Reapplying Visitor Visa After Refusal

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ady sawhney, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Hello Guys,

    I was rejected for Visitor Visa which i applied in April 2018. Reasons of refusals were :-

    • You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary
    • travel history
    • Family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    • I am not satisfied that you have sufficient funds, including income or assets, to carry out your stated
      purpose in going to Canada or to maintain yourself while in Canada and to effect your departure.

    I also Got GCMS notes which says
    • PA demonstrate no international travel
    • funds seen in bank are inconsistent with given income
    • family ties doesn't appear established in home country
    • no sufficient ties to return back home
    • not satisfied on balance that PA is bona fide traveller
    Guys please suggest should i reapply now? What documentation do i need to show now. I have some more funds which were not declared earlier, moreover my firm turnover is upto 3Cr INR. i havent included my balance sheet which shows i have debtors of 4-5 Lakh INR
  2. My suggestion to you will be refer some company/agent who has oceans of knowledge related to visitor visa....
  3. Thanks for the reply sir, can you please suggest some genuine travel agent
  4. You don't need an agent - you need a much stronger application.

    What proof of ties to your home country did you show? What is your current employment status? How long a trip did you request? What family members do you have in Canada? What was the stated purpose of your trip? What is the source of funds for your bank savings?
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    @ady sawhney

    You might like to re-visit this thread:

    Do you own this company alone or with business partners?

    You cannot show your business funds as funds available for your visit. Again, the debt of INR 4-500,000 is not your income. It is your company revenue/losses
  6. Thanks for the reply sycalla i am currently proprietor of my firm. I applied for whole family together. Purposr of visit was to drop my dad (canadian citizen) and toursim + meetig extended family. 70 Lakhs FD was fund
  7. Hi bryana thanks for replying again. I am running this company alone, moreover i have my GCMS notes now. I am planning to reapply what is your suggestion?
  8. Hello ,

    Could you please tell me how much time did they take to send you the GCMN notes?

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