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Visitor Visa After Rejection

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ady sawhney, May 7, 2018.

  1. Anybody got visitor visa after one rejection?
  2. There are many cases.

    Did you get a decision?
  3. Hi Bryanna i got a refusal from CIC and reasons were
    *Family Ties in Canada & Residence country
    * Income( i mentioned cad 225,000)
    * Travel histroy
    I have applied for the GCM notes but now i have lost all my hope. Is there anyway of getting visa again?
  4. That's unfortunate. So sorry to hear you were refused.

    1. Do post the list of documents you submitted

    2. What was the purpose of your visit? For how long?

    3. Do you have a Canadian host (relative or friend)? If yes, what documents/support did they state?

    4. Does your income states for the TRV match your ITRs?

    5. Have you traveled to other visa-required countries?
  5. List of documents i submitted

    * 4 months Bank statements
    * Letter from bank stating all the FD's With bank
    * Business Registration

    Purpose of vist
    * 39 Days, to visit my family (real brother & drop my dad who is also canadian citizen , see close relative in Calgary)
    * Trip was divided into 2 parts
    • Land at Toronto drop my dad visit my brother, attend graduation ceremony of my nephew.(25 Days)

    • Visit Calgary my close cousin and some tourism by visiting places like banff

    My ITR for last there year
    * 5,49,000
    * 5,48,000
    * 5,45,000
    Wife ITR only previous year
    * 3,50,000

    I didn't attach letters from school as i hoped i would easily get a visitor visa
  6. Sponsor docs
    * Employment Certificate
    * notice of assessment (T4 3 years)
    * Mirage Certificate
    * Land title
    * Salary slips
    * Bank statements 3 months old
  7. There's a currency conversion mistake for your income. It is not CAD 225,000. That's why the refusal reason for the income.

    IMO, you were probably refused for these reasons:
    1. Purpose of visit: To accompany your dad.

    There are direct, non-stop flights to Toronto + as an adult, your dad can travel on his own. That's why it is unnecessary for your family (yourself + wife + child/children) to accompany your dad.

    2. As your entire family had applied together, your family ties to India were weak. This is why you were refused for 'Family ties'. If you decide to reapply, I would suggest you should apply alone or else only with your wife. Do not apply for your children.

    3. Aside of your ITR, you would need to prove you have at least CAD 1,000 per person per week of visit + airfare.... without borrowing from anyone, without depending on your Canadian relatives

    4. You would also need to prove you have other strong ties to India: Your employment + property/land ownership or a lease agreement + family ties + good financials, etc
  8. Thanks for the reply Bryanna. Bryanna are there any chances for getting visa if i reapply ?
  9. When you reapply, I suggest you must:
    1. Apply a couple of months later.... and when you do, you would include evidence that your dad has traveled back to Canada on his own.... the purpose of your visit would be to meet your dad/your brother and his family + for sightseeing, activities, etc.

    2. You should apply only for yourself and/or with your wife. Do not apply for your children.

    3. Keep your visit to 3-4 weeks max. You may want to plan your vacation around court holidays/when the court is on vacation (I'm assuming you practice in the courts).

    4. Prove you have the financial resources to afford the visit. Unofficial guide: CAD 1,000 per week of visit per person + airfare + surplus funds.... without borrowing from anyone, without depending on your dad/your brother.

    5. Include evidence of other strong ties (Property/land ownership + your dependent children and/or dependent parents if they live with you or depend on you financially + other work and personal reasons to return to India by a specific date)
  10. Hi I applied for visitors visa,with husband and my two kids to attend rotary international convention ,my husband is a rotarian,me and two of my kids are suppose to go with him as his guest,But we were denied visas,even though my husband provided his bank statement s and he is a CEO in his company,he also provided all the companies details and documents,to prove he has something that will bring back,The business is doing well,reasons they provided for refusing us visa is one travel history and purpose of visit, I want to know can we reapply and how do we go about it this time around
  11. I am from Nigeria,still waiting for the reply
  12. Hi
    I m working in paramilitary force as a nurse in India it id difficult to get Canada visitor visa
  13. Hi
    I am working in paramilitary force as Nurse 2 times refusal visitor visa Canada consultant told u r working in military that u cannot get Visa anyhow plz help me
  14. Hi Bryanna.,
    How to get GCMS Report? Can we apply online from India?
  15. Here's the link:

    You can authorize someone you know who resides in Canada to obtain these notes on your behalf: CAD 5, and 4-5 weeks

    Or else you need to Google for a company that can order it for you: CAD 25-30, and maybe 6-8 weeks
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