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Re: visitor visa rejected - "other reasons" ?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by AjPS, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    I got a rejection letter today for my visa application (for a 6 week tourist visitor trip) to Canada from India. The reasons given, however, are very vague. None of the checkboxes for documents are ticked but it says under "Other reasons" (ticked):

    "Given economic conditions, employment prospects, considering your travel history, economic establishment and family ties, I am not satisfied that you would respect the terms of your admission as a temporary resident in Canada".

    This is quite unclear and surprising to me because I had applied to visit my cousin on holiday. I am still employed in India and submitted my passport (showing my travel history), flight bookings (for this trip), last 6 payslips, 4 months bank statements and tax returns, along with other required documents. Moreover, I had sent visa invitation letter, passport, work permit details of my cousin.

    Has anyone else received a similar rejection letter? Any suggestions on how to re-apply and address these rejection reasons would be very helpful. Thanks.
  2. Is there an appeal process like other countries or do I need to pay and re-apply from scratch again!
  3. There is an appeal process. However it's long and typically expensive - and there's no guarantee of a positive outcome.

    You are far better off reapplying and providing stronger evidence to address CIC's concerns.

    What travel history do you have? Which countries? What evidence did you show to demonstrate ties to your home country?
  4. That reason is sometimes also given, depending on the applicant's job/career in general.

    6 weeks is also too long a visit to request, especially if the officer determined that your career is not stable.

    You can also ask your cousin to request the case/GCMS notes on your behalf to see the officer's exact reasoning.
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  5. Thanks for the reply.
    However, what's confusing to me is the reasons aren't very specific, i.e., what new documents do I need to give?

    I provided all documents from their checklist (even the visa office/ VFS person who I submitted it to said he was very positive as I have given all required documents).

    For ties to home country, what documents are ideally needed?
  6. Ideally you would want to provide documents such as: proof of property ownership, proof of bank accounts / other assets, proof you are employed full time including a letter from your employer confirming the dates of your vacation and when you're expected back, pay stubs to prove your income, etc.

    I agree that a six week trip is long and that in itself demonstrates a lack of ties to the home country.
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  7. They will never be that specific. CIC officers can't be assessing what each people need to provide, that would take too long and the queue is quite long for people requesting TRVs. The reason stated is good enough for you to figure out what was missing.

    Providing all required documents is the bare minimum expected and in no way points at a positive outcome. It is all about how good are your documents, your situation and the purpose of visit.

    From the explanation given by the CIC officer it seems that your job is not to be stable enough; in fact any job that gives six weeks to an employee cannot be considered a strong tie. Also six weeks to visit a cousin seems a little far fetched, what are you going to do in so much time? Usually visits are around 2-3 weeks tops. CIC would want to see around 1K CAD savings per week after accomodations.

    It also appears that the CIC officer frowned at 6 weeks and look for similar trips in your history. Ideally the officer would want to see at least a couple of 6 weeks (or more time) trips to visa requiring countries in the recent past, this will establish that it is common for you to take these kind of trips. Hopefully you provided a full schedule for your full visit: points of interests and activities... "just visiting" a cousin is not a good reson to stay in Canada for such a long time.

    Anyway, hopefully you realize your application was weak and that the reasons given are enough for you to work on.
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  8. Hi all,
    Thanks a lot for the replies, a lot of useful information there.

    Regarding my documents, I have taken shorter trips abroad previously (shorter trips <=3 weeks). In this case, I was applying for a longer trip to visit and stay with family in Canada. The leave I had was 3 weeks of paid leave plus additional unpaid leave which was granted by my employer. However, I did not explain this in detail in the supporting letter I submitted with my application. In hindsight, that may have been 1 reason for it to seem "suspicious" or for my job to seem "not stable enough".

    Another thing I'm confused about is the comment of "previous travel history". For details of prevous travel, I provided my latest passport which has previous visa details from my trips to UK (multiple trips) and Singapore (last yea) but these were shorter trips ranging between 10 days to 3 weeks.

    I had given my bank statements as financial evidence + recent payslips and an invitation letter stating my extended family in Canada will be hosting me. I'm wondering if I re-apply with details of how much leave I have and why, or just apply for a shorter trip (2 or 3 weeks), it might be successful?

    Any feedback from members here would be very welcome. Thanks.
  9. 6 week it too much !! you should show 2 weeks !!
  10. "Given economic conditions, employment prospects, considering your travel history, economic establishment and family ties, I am not satisfied that you would respect the terms of your admission as a temporary resident in Canada".

    Hi all, I'm looking to re-apply, this time for 3 weeks (shorter trip) than before (6 weeks) during this coming week. Is that a reasonable duration for the visa application?

    ALso, regarding the points of rejection outlined above, the following are documents I provided:

    • My passport (proof of identity, travel history (previous visas) and Indian address).
    • Invitation letter from family in Canada and their passport, residence permit copies.
    • Finances: my 4 months bank statements.
    • Trip: flight details.
    • Employment: my original offer letter when I joined my job, last 3 months payslips.
    • Supporting letter by me, explaining my trip.

    What more do I need: 1) letter from employer stating the dates of my absence/ leave granted? 2) Financial details of host in Canada? , 3) more trip details: list of places I'll be visiting, bookings, etc.?

  11. In your case they looked for previous travel with same lenght of stay else traveling to UK and holding multiple visa is big plus , you shud apply for shorter length that you usually travelled to other countries as well
  12. Thanks, so what trip duration do you recommend?
    My passports shows previous trips to Singapore (a week), UK, UK student visa (when pursuing a 1 year Masters degree). How long would be reasonable (I've aleady planned to reduce from 6 to 3 weeks)??

    Also, regarding additional documentation, do I need:
    • New letter from my employer company stating I work for them (which can be verified) and have leave for the duration for the trip?
    • Financial details of my host inviting me to Canada?
    • more trip details: list of places I'll be visiting, i.e., a planned itinerary as I hadn't submitted it before but stated in my supporting letter that I'm travelling to stay with family and explore tourist spots
  13. Your were in UK on student visa and now you have other purpose of visit so if you are going to apply for 2 3 weeks have you traveld to any other country for similiar purpose and duration
    I m new here i will prefer you to take input on this from Bryanna here
  14. Thanks, my previous trip was for just 1 week to Singapore, on holiday. However, the only reason for a longer (now 3 week trip) to Canada was that I was meeting family there and it's a much further away and larger place than Singapore.

    I just need to confirm if a 3-week trip to visit family in Canada "usual" or should I plan an even shorter visit? Also, for my invitation letter from host in Canada, do I need to give their financial details as well??, as I had submitted their letter and passport, residence permit but given my financial details only, as I estimated that would suffice for the visa application.
  15. Greetings!!!

    I just want to share my experience. I applied Visotor's visa for my parents to attend my convocation but it got rejected for the following reasons.

    -travel history
    -purpose of travel
    -personal assets and financial status
    -you have not provided sufficient documentation to support your/ your host's income and assets.

    What should I do? I want to reapply her.

    My mom never had a paid work as she never has to work as my dad was working abroad. Thus, she spent most of her time as a full time mother.
    For the purpose of travel, is my convocation. I put actually four weeks of being here.
    Im on a student visa and currently working as well. I have more than 15,000$ on my account. I submitted bank statement.
    I submitted my ITR and pay stub and letter from the financial officer of our company.
    I included also the invitation for my convocation and a letter from the institution that I am indeed convocating this summer.
    We included land titles and even an adoption certification of my 3-year old (adapted) sibling just to prove her family ties in the Philippines.
    My Mom never had a prior travel history. we did not have the luxury of money to send her for a trip abroad for leisure or anything.
    This is the first time that she has a good reason to go outside the country. to see her youngest boy to graduate.

    I hope you guys can help me what is the next step i should do.


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