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Re:- Study Permit Extension Processing Time( with Spouse Open Work Permit Extension)

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Ankush88, May 16, 2019.

  1. Hello, I am an international student in Canada from last 1 year. In Feb 2019 I completed my 1st Couse now I took another 1-year course in the same college. My husband joins me in Oct 2018 as an open work permit. our visa expires on 30th April. we process our visa extension file together in Canada Embassy on 18th March me as student visa & My Husband as an open work permit. I want to know about processing time For our Decision. Our decision based on study permit extension time or work permit extension time. if you have any information about the processing time for decision please let me know.
  2. Study permit.
  3. Processing time ?
  4. Google IRCC processing times.
  5. We have the same situation. We submitted our applications together for study permit extension and open work permit extension 1of April. The decision have not been made yet. It's already exceeded normal processing time for study permit extension. May be it took longer because we submitted both applications at the same time?
  6. Hi ! I’m in the same situation my husband and me applied on jun 07 , and we are still waiting, I’m afraid will take too longer because we applied together, somebody received any answer yet ?
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  7. People who applied on June 12 , some already got approvals .

    If your case is with a family member , takes some time .

    Average processing for study permits only is around 30-35 days .
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  8. Me and my husband applied on June 4th and until now they didn’t even start the review eligibility.

    Processing time last week = 36 days.
    Now = 39 days.
  9. Did you get yours??
  10. has anyone received their study permit extension with open work permit extension??
  11. Any updates ?
  12. Hello Guyz,

    I had applied for my study permit extension along with my wife's open work permit on 5th June, 2019. I am still waiting.

    I also filled in IRCC web-form and they are saying, it is being processed. The status is "submitted" till date.

    Both the permits end this August. I am really worried.

    Please help!
  13. As long as you applied before the expiry, you're all good.
    Applications with spouses take time.
  14. Any updates on work permit extension? I applied for my wife on 12th june
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  15. Hey guyz..! Anyone received anything? Please share update!

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