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Ray of hope - FSW - 1


Apr 26, 2021
This excuse is getting old. When an FSW applicant becomes a permanent resident of Canada, assuming they are allowed entry to the country, they immediately start paying taxes just like the rest of the population. What an FSW applicant brings into Canada that CEC&PNP don't is at least $13000 in cash (proof of funds). So on top of the taxes everybody pays, FSW people bring liquid cash into Canada and start spending that money immediately for needs such as housing. Technically, turning an FSW into a PR is more profitable for Canada's economy than turning a CEC/PNP into a PR.
$13,000 we bring to Canada is actually peanuts! Its just survivable money, for a person until he/she hopefully finds a job fast.

Covid-19 changed the game and we can't do nothing about it, except adapt to situations. One thing is for certain though, that Canada will not abandon the FSW. I am sure of it.
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Sep 14, 2020
Hi all.. I'm in the FSW pool. Getting a bit restless with the never-ending waiting session.. basically holding on to the possibility that there's a light at the end of this tunnel.

Does anyone think that no specific program draws resume by July? (Like last year) or am I being too optimistic?

Also I've maxed out IELTs and my score is 474.. should I work on learning French, although I'm not sufficiently motivated to? There's seems to be a slight increase in cut offs (no specified program) with every passing year


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Jul 9, 2020
But is Post Graduate Work Permit an Open Work permit which allows International Grads to Work anywhere? If it is an open work permit then is it an authorization to work ? consider International Grad with up to 3 years of PGWP
I think the bigger catch of the two requirements is a "valid" job offer, which requires an LMIA. Most companies, at least if you're targeting the office or tech jobs with a regular 9 to 5, don't typically sponsor. I think this requirement creates a high barrier of entry, and makes the "job offer" route more difficult than finding CAD 13,000. Although once you got one though it's +50 points plus you might just get a shot in a PNP nomination.