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Ray of Hope - 85th Draw


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Jan 23, 2018
Hi chirag, i want to ask one thing. I also got invite from oinp on 9th feb. Waiting for 7th and 21st march draw. My crs is 439.
If i opt for oinp and submit my application. Then how much does it take to get nomination.???
Another point to ask : for example i submit my application on 22nd april. Then crs draw comes to 438 or below in very next draw i.e 4th april. Will i be eligible for direct ITA as i have submitted application for oinp before.????
I hope that you mean time by "how much". It takes from 30 - 60 days for the nomination to be processed and 1500 CAD (refundable only if your application is incomplete). Yes, you are eligible for direct ITA. You may withdraw your OINP application anytime you feel like but remember, you paid 1500 CAD and that's not refundable.