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Ray of Hope - 132nd Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by 13nitinsharma, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Same boat. Waiting from oct to get picked
  2. One delay in draw . Just see the crs not going down
  3. Well, most people will get ITA only once, so I guess the phenomenon will surely repeat itself every single time.
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  4. The next draws are expected to be on the 11th and the.. 25th, right?
  5. *Sad react*
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  6. Bro, 4200 candidates with CRS above 450 were added between Nov 8 to Nov 23. Backlog of just 472 and 471(few) have only been cleared.
  7. What if there's a draw next week, what will be the score?
  8. That is unbelievable.

    I started this project with my husband about a year and a half ago. I am 33 years old. I learned french from scrath. I managed 2 CLB 10 and 2 CLB 9 on IELTS. My aim was around 455 points which was more than enough until a few months ago. Now I am sitting at 460. If I max out french I can get 467 but I would need a few months of hard work and it might not be enough. I feel like I am chasing my own tale trying to improve my score.
  9. Can’t believe the cut off’s, I hoping to see it below 470. Sitting at 465. Don’t see CRS coming down any time soon. Got my score up from 432.
  10. Probably Dec11 and Dec18.
  11. Oh, and after that it would be on January?
    (I'm aware we don't know for sure)
  12. I guess I will need to start looking into learning French as my score will drop to 455 after April 2020.
  13. A missed draw at the year end will again break all hell loose.
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  14. It’s truly disappointing. Now my question is why there are around 320-340 profile opening @ 451-600 level, per day. It seems there is a cache in the system.
  15. You should try every possible method to improve CRS. Additionally, you should also start looking for another methods i.e. PNP etc. Efforts never get wasted.

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