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Ray of Hope - 132nd Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by 13nitinsharma, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Are you seriously asking this question or mocking us all?

    Can you go through the posts? If your score is ABOVE the cutoff, then isn't it obvious that you will get the ITA? Do you really need an answer after this?
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  2. I have a score of 468 . Do you think next draw I will get picked ?
  3. Me also. With 470, I had very high hopes. Should I start making plan B? Speechless
  4. Lol
    I wish the forum had reaction buttons like in Facebook. Some of them would be getting angry reacts, and a haha for you.
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  5. Super Like!! :D
  6. Honestly, don't think it's gonna be 2more draws. Why everyone is so confident about this? It was 3600 twice. It means that their initial target with 81,000 will be achieved in 2 weeks. . ..no words... So i assume on 11 December we'll see the last draw..
    Ray of hopeless
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  7. On the same boat, we can just be hopeful!
  8. Guys I have a strong feeling that the addition of new profiles is very minimal.
    I thinking CIC is trying to clear the backlogs. Bcoz there is no way 3600 candidates have 471 score even with PNP nominations
  9. Haha) this comment made me laugh which is good after seeing the score
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  10. For people with score above 471 and not getting ITA yet, surely it's frightening as they may worry about an error in the system.
    But then to those who are sure NOT getting an ITA this round, especially those who are so close to getting one, these questions may feel like salt to a fresh new wound :(
  11. Point distribution between 450-600 should be outlined . Are most of these candidates between 455-460 or 460-465 or 465-470 or more than 470 ??? 450-600 is s very wide range with so many candidates
  12. I did some analysis after 130th draw and came with below-mentioned prediction. I highly underestimated the number of candidates above 600.

    November 27

    Considering 220 candidates per day between 451-600 for 14 days from Nov 14 to Nov 27, the pool might be:

    601- 1200= 900 ( I believe that PNPs now will slow down a bit but will still remain above the number of PNPs in September i.e around 500).
    473- 600 = 1400 (100 candidates per day for 14 days)
    465- 472 = 2881+980 = 3861 (70 candidates per day for 14 days)
    451- 464 = 10006 + 700 =10706 (50 candidates per day for 14 days)

    The break-down of pool size on Nov 13 was approx:
    600-1200 = 709
    473- 600 = 1000 (100 candidates per day for 10 days)
    465- 472 = 2881(backlog)+700(new)= 3581 (70 candidates per day for 10 days)
    451- 464 = 10006(backlog)+500(new)= 10506 (50 candidates per day for 14 days)

    Total above 451 to 600 = 15087 (as per prediction)
    Total above 451 to 600 = 14915 (as per pool)
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  13. With pnp more then 700 people and they have more than 1000 crs. So 2900 have 471-600
  14. Totally second that.
    One day I was thinking IRCC publishes distribution of 401-450 because may be in those days the cut-off remained in that region. But it's not the case anymore and they should provide distribution data on those within 450-600 range (or 450-500 at least).
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  15. Ofcourse, I am happy for them but every time after a draw. Every time!

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