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Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I live in Qatar, and As per a requirement of CIC for wherever you live more than 6 months that you need to provide a PCC which was issued by Ministry of Interior in Tbilisi, Georgia. In order to get this document me and my family had to revisit the country Because the embassy of Georgia in Qatar,said that they only issue a PCC for Georgian Citizens. Later on the PCC was issued on 18th of December,2018. Whereas the given document was in georgian language so that we had to translate it through a authorised company after that the document had to be notarised so that we brought it to justice hall in Tbilisi, Georgia. However, the processing time had taken about 9 days. Hereby we left from the country on 3rd of January,2019.

    It is really impossible to do these documentation within a day and leave the country in Georgia.

    My question is that will it cause any problem in my ITA application?

    Shall I write and LOE to CIC?

    There is no alternative option unless you have a relative or a friend which is not applicable for me, who live over there

    What is your advice?
  2. I forgot to mention that 14 days of gap will cause an issue? Because the issued date of PCC IS 18th of December,2018, and Day of departure from the country is 3rd of January,2019

    Please help
  3. I'm a big fan of your ACCURATE PREDICTIONS. :D

    Really curious to know what Mathematical techniques do you use for such difficult calculations !!
    Which never becomes true, but spreads humour among us during the phase of anxiety and stress. :p
  4. Just out of curiousity, how did you receive NOI? You have TEF? I have same 444 score but did not receive NOI. My primary NOC is 2147 (5.5 years experience) but my current NOC is 0131 (6 months so far).

    I am wondering whether OINP is received based on primary NOC or current NOC. o_O
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    I believe draw will happen next, although previous back to back draws were followed by three weeks gap, because the target for this year is much higher. It will be 3900 with 454 CRS.
  6. 39000 invites you mean? lol
  7. lolno. 39000 is almost half the pool.

    3900 invitees with lowest score 354 and cut off date late 2018.
  8. I thought you were joking. How can the score drop to 354 points?
  9. If not hours then they just have to write full time .I have the same and my frnd had the same and his PR is approved .
    but don't forget to check the date on which letter was produced .My frnd's employer missed to write the produced date and his process got delayed
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  10. Because the number of candidates between 451 and 600 was 7,038 as of 15th August, assuming 50% of that number (plus the five days growth till 20th August (day of the draw)) was cleared, on 21st August, we had about 3500 candidates between 451 and 600. Add the two weeks growth between 20th August and 4th September, we will have around 5,500 and 6,000 in the range of 451-600 CRS. I am not sure per day growth for this range so I am completely estimating the two weeks growth here.

    Assuming the lower the CRS in that range, the higher the number of candidates (looking at the pool, you can see there are more candidates as you go lower in the CRS, so within the 451-600 bracket, we can also apply the same assumption that there will be more 451, 452, and 453 than 455, 456, and 457). Therefore, with 6,000 candidates between 451 and 600 and with more candidates in the lower end of the 450s, I am optimistic the draw will be 454 with 3900 (455 with 3600 with 2019 June or July cut off date) on 4th September.
  11. Great explanation but you said 354 above lol. 454 makes more sense.
  12. Is there anybody for answering my issue guys?
  13. Ohh. My bad. I did not notice that error. Yes, I meant 454.
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  14. In my opinion, you do not have to visit the country to get PCC because the PCC issue date will be before your departure date which makes the PCC basically unacceptable/void to Canada. The PCC must be issued after your last visit of that foreign country.

    Therefore, what you need is written letter signed and/or stamped by Georgia embassy in Qatar refusing to give you this PCC as they can only provide for its citizens. Then you can upload that in its placeholder in the application and also write LOE (it is very important to write LOE about this issue) to explain the situation. If you cannot get written letter by the embassy, at least do so via email and hope they reply with the rejection so you can screenshot and upload in your application.

    Furthermore, you need to check CIC website on how to get Georgia PCC while you are not a citizen and live abroad. They will give you instructions on the website.


    I checked for your convenience and this is what's on CIC:

    If you are not a citizen of Georgia:
    If you live in Georgia:
    You may apply for a police certificate in person or by mail to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (see Special notes and considerations for complete address).

    If you live outside of Georgia:
    You may apply by writing to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Information Centre (see Special notes and considerations for complete address) or authorize a relative or friend to act on your behalf in Georgia and visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


    So, you need to write to Ministry of Internal Affairs Information Centre and see what they say. Second option is not for you since you do not have a relative or friend in Georgia.

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