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Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. I did little bit more research on that OINP draw and it was HCP not the FSSWP. 2147 was in the list of NOC to be selected on that day, so kindly let me know your NOC. Thanks.
  2. First of all guys,

    Thank you very much for your prompt help regarding to my issue.

    It is a good idea to get a letter from Georgian embassy that they can not issue to a person who is not a citizen of Georgia.

    As I already have a PCC which has been issued by ministry of Georgia in our last visit,

    Should I upload this document to PCC section in ITA?

    This 14 days gap will cause any rejection ?
  3. In the link I posted, it says:

    You may apply by writing to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Information Centre.

    No mention of applying through the embassy, so IRCC is aware it won't work for non-citizens of Georgia.

    You were still in the country after your PCC was issued, so it may lead to rejection.
  4. I got the letter on my email as the employer does not provide hard copy. I suppose the date I received the email is the produced date. Right?
  5. Better get a stamped letter on the company's letterhead. It needs to look authentic.
  6. Okay, I will ask them to do so. Let’s see what they say. Thank you so much.
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    I was in the same situation.Gave it 13 times.Go through below materials for IELTS writing.Start writing 3 body paragraphs followed by conclusion and introduction.Always avoid cities.Give this a try and hope this helps.Message me for more essays.Also as you are running short on time I suggest you to go to countries like Philippines,Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia and give a try there.I have heard good reviews on evaluation practices in these countries.
  8. Hi dear,

    It was the Ontario's Tech Specific Draw in which I received the Notification Of Interest (NOI) on July 12, 2019 from Ontario, because of my Primary NOC 2174.

    Let me aware you, Ontario has started a new stream emphasizing on the Tech field in which "Information Technology and Communication" professionals were considered. Till now two Tech Specific Draws have been conducted by "Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)" on July 12 and August 1. The applicants with the range of 439-465 and 435-459 respectively, got the NOIs.
    Here is the link for Ontario's Tech Stream details:

    Moreover, Ontario has also held few draws for French-speakers and other targeted NOCs. Have a look below and get an idea about the NOIs issued by Ontario so far till the date.

    I guess, Ontario will soon held few more draws untill it doesn't meet with its yearly target, after considering the few wasted NOIs by 455+ CRS holders. Hope it would help you. :)
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  9. Source of your So Called Accurate Info. You really don't give up do you?
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  10. What is the logic behind the prediction of an increase in the Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) after two weeks ?

    Previous history shows that whenever the draws were conducted bi weekly, the score usually dropped by either 1, 2 or 3 points.

    Besides, this year the draw was also conducted on odd days. So we never know we might have a good news soon.
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  11. Do we require all salary slips from the previous company or 2-3 will sufficient to show proof of employment?
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  12. Yes it can create problem.
    PCC must cover whole period of stay upto 3rd Jan
  13. CIC mentions to write number of hours per week. Its better to get a new one with the hours/week if you can.
  14. If you are not providing a reference letter and providing other supporting documents of the work experience then its better to provide as many as salary slips as you can. But if there is a reference letter as per CIC's requirement, then you don't need anything else.
  15. @nns14 Sir is there any chance that score will drop below <450 anytime later this year or next year?

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