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Ray of Hope - 121st Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by 13nitinsharma, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. US PCC doesn't mention any dates of travel, if it was issued after you left the US, then everything will be fine.
  2. Current draw tiebreak rule is May 11th. So yes, you should be fine with March 28th :)
  3. You need a letter with your full name. Try your best to get your full name in the letter. If you leave it as is, you are definitely getting yourself a "Review Required" in the near future and additional several months of processing on top of that
  4. Thanks, but my query was:
    1. Duration 1: I stayed for more than 6 months
    2. Duration 2: I stayed for 1 month

    Do I need pcc for duration 2 also?
  5. Even I feel the same after doing some calculations. In case if 460 is picked , the tie breaker will be Feb or march.
  6. Well well well .. I am inland under CEC category .. I have to submit upfront medical.. I don’t know about yours if its FSW OR FST... I got it done from local Panel physician which are assigned by CIC in every city province in Canada. Go there, let them know its for immigration and get it done simple . and they provide you the copy of a e-medical which you submit online... For CEC its required upfront
  7. Don’t ever think of photoshop!
    Below are possible solutions:
    1. Try to get the letter again with correct name
    2. Get a dual name affidavit stating the difference in various docs, it works
    3. Get all docs like joining letter, salary slips etc which can prove that u are same person as on the reference letter
  8. And what about us 441s? Its hibernate time for us :)
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  9. 3900 ITA from July can change whole calculation , don’t worry:)
  10. Any idea when pnp or FST draw will be this year?
  11. Do we need to mention salary change for same job on reference letter???
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  12. I would say only 30% chances of being invited on 10th July unless there is an increase in the ITAs.

    Don't ever do that. It will be called misrepresentation.

    Instead, get an affidavit ready mentioning all of your names on it and get it attested or notarised. It will suffice enough to resolve this problem. :)

  13. @Nik when will 458,459,have ITAs?
  14. This is fine, just have an same name affidavit attached to your application for different names that you may have used.
  15. Does any of you guys see a chance for a B2B draw any time soon?

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